Is Revolution more awesome or frustrating? We can’t decide. The one thing it is, without question, is incredibly addictive. Its twenty episode first season offered fans a torrent of crazy storylines, gun fights, evil plots and surprise deaths. The basic premise follows a team of patriots (Billy Burke, Zak Orth, Tracy Spiridakos, Elizabeth Mitchell) who struggle to find happiness, safety and answers in a world where the electricity has gone out. With the government overthrown and loosely organized militias running the United States, it’s only vaguely similar to the world we’re used to, but the emotions behind the fight to get it all back will surely ring familiar.

Shows like Revolution can’t accurately be judged until fans know exactly where they’re going, until fans start learning a healthy percentage of all those secrets the show has been teasing. At this point, it’s still unclear where everyone involved would like to take fans, but with good acting, interesting storylines and the occasional laugh, the show has a nice little chaotic energy to it. So, pop in the first episode and see whether you get reeled in. With only twenty episodes, you can easily be caught up by the time Season 2 starts unloading more awesome/ frustrating riddles.

House of Cards
House Of Cards is a lot like Spartacus in that it takes at least a few episodes to understand and appreciate the show’s pacing, tone and propensity to break the fourth wall. It really makes a viewer wonder whether continuing is worthwhile. It is. The Netflix original’s first season is among the best we’ve gotten in years, and apparently, the fine people who vote for Emmy nominations agree.

At its core, the show follows a US Representative named Francis J. Underwood who is willing to play every possible angle for personal gain (Kevin Spacey), his equally cold wife who runs a non-profit (Robin Wright) and a reporter who desperately wants to break stories and gain recognition (Kate Mara). Together, alongside an extensive ring of supporting characters, they scheme, they fuck and they sit back and watch their carefully constructed dominos spiral down one at a time. Netflix has refused to comment on exactly how many people watched House of Cards initial block of thirteen episodes, but it was enough to make it the most streamed show in the service’s history and to warrant a second season, which is currently in production.

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