When Revenge burst on to the scene, ABC’s drama offered complex female characters blurring the lines between high society cattiness and serious manipulation. Key to the plot in the series is Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp), a young woman whose father was framed as a terrorist and later lost his life to a core group of upper class individuals willing to squash a man to maintain an empire. Emily has grown up angry and has trained to take down the people who have hurt her family the most. What she doesn’t calculate for is scheming socialite Victoria Grayson’s own game.

Stowe and VanCamp don’t always get a ton of screen time together, but each of their characters is cunning and selfish in her own way, leading Revenge to be one of the most soapy and delicious hours of television each week. Due to its 22 episode count each season, certain episodes can be more exciting than others, but overall, the cliffhanger aspect of the series is worth a Netflix perusal, provided you have the time and motive to power through new episodes before Revenge’s third season hits the schedule on September 29. Netflix only has the first season, but the second season is available on Hulu Plus.

On the lighter side of the streaming recommendations is Wilfred. Well, that might not be the best description for FX's comedy about a troubled young man named Ryan (played to perfection by Elijah Wood) who starts up a friendship with his neighbor's dog after a failed suicide attempt. The twist is that he doesn't see a normal pooch like everybody else, Ryan sees Wilfred as a man in a dog suit. And Jason Gann, co-creator of this and the Australian original, is a marvel in the role that requires him to play many different characters (depending on his human pal's needs) including, obviously, a canine with canine impulses.

The 'dogisms' are hilarious but the real reasons to watch the complex comedy are its exquisite cinematography and existential pondering. But perhaps the most important reason to catch up on Wilfred (as soon as you can) is to keep the bizarre, beautiful and funny series from getting put down in its prime. According to executive producer David Zuckerman, Wilfred is flirting with cancellation so be sure to stream the first two seasons, catch up on Season 3 OnDemand and then tune in for Episode 11, “Stagnation,” next Thursday at 10 p.m. ET on FX to help keep an original and inventive breed of comedy on the air. There are way too few.

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