Call the Midwife
After a successful run on BBC1, Call the Midwife nabbed a U.S. release in PBS’ schedule, and if you missed this British gem of an import, Netflix has it streaming right now. The show stars Jessica Raine in what is a smart, spunky series about midwifery in post-WWII London neighborhoods. Social issues and costumes from the fifties abound, but the most important moments of the series highlight strong bonds between young girls finding their footing in the world, new and soon-to-be mothers, and slew of older nuns filled with wisdom.

Helping women in the poorly financed Poplar District of East London is not an easy task. The characters in Call the Midwife who have taken on the task need perseverance and a sense of humor and it’s these two traits that make the series so dear to viewers. If you are a fan of dramas that show humanity at its best and at its worst, that offers complicated personalities and rich storylines, Call the Midwife is a great program to delve into. Plus, since the show is an import, there’s only fourteen episodes and a Christmas special to get through before it returns to the schedule for Season 3.

Bob's Burgers
For more than a decade, Fox has been trying to find three great comedies to run alongside The Simpsons. Between King Of The Hill, Family Guy and to a far lesser extent American Dad, they’ve had some success in that pursuit, but for the most part, fans have been treated to single seasons of a lot of forgettable programs like Sit Down, Shut Up and Allen Gregory. Prior to offbeat comedy Bob’s Burgers’ premiere back in 2010, it was generally assumed the program would find itself in the latter category, but much to everyone’s delight, it turns out it’s actually pretty damn funny.

Featuring voicework by H Jon Benjamin, Eugene Mirman and Kristen Schaal, Bob’s Burgers follows the wacky antics of the Belcher family. Dad owns a burger stand. Mom drinks and tries to solve everyone’s problems, and the couple’s three children scheme like they’re paid to, especially the youngest Louise who runs over the rest of her family members like a manipulative train. Thus far, Fox has given us three seasons, the first two of which are on Netflix. Considering they’re only a half hour, there is probably just enough time to plow your way through before Season 4 premieres.

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