Longmire offers plenty of western motifs, not in the historical sense but shown through the pace of life and the lonesome work its law enforcement unit accomplishes over a vast space. Sheriff Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) is undoubtedly a cowboy, sporting a ten-gallon hat and capable of lassoing victims when the occasion arises. He doesn’t carry a cell phone. He drives an old truck. He has the slow speech patterns of a careful thinker coupled with intimidating height. He’s fun to watch and his character, coupled with a setting and social issues that are not common to television, make A&E’s drama worth a perusal before fall TV premieres run rampant.

Longmire is currently gearing up for a Season 2 finale on the cable network in the States. A&E has yet to weigh in on a Season 3 renewal for the series, but the episodes the show has covered so far have include reservations politics, murder mysteries, stalkers, and enough rural crimes to intrigue those who like procedurals with a bit of a twist. Anyone who likes crime dramas and prefers those with a large pool of possible suspects will no doubt find Longmire among the best. Give an episode a shot and see if it doesn’t suck you in for a season or two

The Walking Dead
Given its huge ratings on AMC, it's safe to say The Walking Dead has already found plenty of viewers, between fans of Robert Kirkman's comic book series, and zombie enthusiasts who tuned in to see the dead rise and cause mayhem on humanity. Season 1 brings the group together, introducing us to Rick (Andrew Lincoln), a former sheriff's deputy who wakes up weeks after getting shot to find the world drastically changed. In his search for his wife and son, he eventually comes to meet other survivors trying to avoid the zombies that plague the world. Beneath the gore, however, The Walking Dead is - at its core - a series about survival. Beyond that, it regularly questions its characters' purposes in this post-zombie apocalyptic world, beyond merely trying to get through he day without being bitten. TWD is a great series to sample because the first season is only six episodes long. If you enjoy those six, move on to Season 2. But be warned, the second season isn't consistently good, but it does get better in its second half.

Netflix has the first two seasons, but if you want to watch Season 3 before the series returns this fall, you'll have to shell out for the season on Amazon, or else wait for Netflix to add it.

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