Bender - Futurama
"Bite my shiny metal ass!" You can't have a list of bad boys without Bender Bending Rodriguez, the baddest bot in the universe. Well, baddest bending-unit in the universe, he's no Robot Devil or Santa or anything. But with Futurama gearing up for their final season on Comedy Central, expect all out, no holds barred debauchery from Bender. Not that he ever really held back, smoking, boozing and stealing his way through his time as a member of the Planet Express crew. Oh, he also occasionally calls for the death of all humans. You know, just your average lovable tramp.

In Season 7A alone the surly robot fathered an illegitimate son, served his best friends as sausage (or so he thought) and became a paparazzo. And we've already gotten a glimpse of a few of the baseless acts that Bender gets up to during the (second half of the) seventh season with the first trailer showing the robot, voiced by John DiMaggio (an added bonus for Adventure Time fans is getting to hear a foul mouthed Jake) at his worst, whether it's trying to mug his best friends at carrot-point, desecrating some bones or simply tap dancing on all of their heads. Looks like good fun! Futurama returns with special back-to-back episodes starting at 10 p.m. ET on Wednesday, June 19 on Comedy Central.

Wilfred - Wilfred
Wilfred might be the only one on the list that actually gets called a ‘bad boy.’ The phrase is just something owners have to occasionally say to man’s best friend, even (or especially) if that man’s best friend is a man in a dog suit. Technically, Wilfred’s ontological status is more a matter of perception and certainly up for debate but his depravity on the other hand is unquestionable. Jason Gann’s titular canine is one sick puppy and it’s always a lot of fun watching him get Elijah Wood’s Ryan in over his head. Or just hanging out on the couch in the basement smoking a bong, scratching himself and shooting the shit.

And the bad boys are coming back to FX just in time for the dog days of summer with the third season of the existential comedy starting next week. It seems impossible that the two could possibly get into more trouble or engage in any more disgusting(ly hilarious) behavior than they have these last two years - one especially intimate encounter resulted in the owner getting doused in doggy ejaculate - but let’s hope the new showrunners can somehow unleash even more twisted laughs. Wilfred returns with special back-to-back episodes starting at 10 p.m. ET on Thursday, June 20 on FX (surprisingly not FXX). Things should get ruff.

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