Ray Donovan
Ray Donovan - Ray Donovan
Of all of these bad boys, Ray Donovan may be the biggest mystery, given that this is a new show, which hasn't actually premiered yet. But we've gotten a peek at Showtime's new series and there's definitely a dark side to Liev Schreiber's character. Ray Donovan is a man who lives by his own moral code, making a living in Los Angeles by fixing the problems and cleaning up the messes of his wealthy clientele. On the surface, he's as cool as a cucumber and reserved enough to fit in among the sophisticated Hollywood elite, but behind that stubbled face and soothing deep voice is a guy from south Boston who knows how to crack his knuckles and get the job done.

Ray Donovan certainly has the bad-boy edge, but he's also a husband and father trying to do right by his family. And he's not numb to the things he's dealing with. That adds a layer of depth to the character and this series. Jon Voight's character Mickey, Ray's father, also has a dark side, though he's well versed at concealing that with his charismatic personality. Both Schreiber and Voight's performances as dark male characters are two reasons to keep an eye out for Ray Donovan when it premieres on Showtime on Sunday, June 30 after the Dexter premiere.

Walter White
Walter White - Breaking Bad
When Breaking Bad began, Bryan Cranston’s Walter White was an incompetent, bumbling wannabe criminal with some science knowhow, serious money problems and a worrisome expiration date. Now he’s a cold-hearted, scary and largely unsympathetic bastard who sports both a body count and more money than he can launder. Watching that transformation has been nothing short of incredible, but it has also left an uneasy lingering feeling that this won’t end with anything other than destruction. Walt/ Heisenberg has come too far to simply trot into the sunset with his riches and his family.

There are three types of bad guys. Those who do some reckless shit but are basically good-hearted (like Fonzie), those who are straight up evil and villainous in damn near everyway (like Russell Edgington) and those who occupy some middle ground in which they sometimes display a good heart and are sometimes horrendous human beings (like Tony Soprano). Walt started as that first category, but over the years, he’s most definitely tumbled into the third category. If nothing else, these final episodes beg to be a battle for our hero’s soul. Will he continue the descent into villainy, or will he start thinking like a science teacher again? We’ll see. Breaking Bad returns Sunday, August 11 on AMC.

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