Super Dave Osborne is back! And you thought it couldn’t happen. You believed he’d spend his retirement years being hired as a surrogate for the Bluth family patriarch. But it is true, and Bob Einstein will be bringing back his stuntman spoof character for 4 half-hour shows on Spike TV this summer. The question remains: is Einstein too old to pull off the character? Or will this be a series of Haggar jeans commercials that are OK, but not nearly as funny as Super Dave can be.

To be honest I was never a huge Super Dave fan, but I got the occasional chuckle out of the bit. More than anything I’d like to see if Einstein can pull it off. The mockumentary style show will follow Osborne as he prepares, and inevitably fails, to perform different stunts. Alan Blythe, Super Dave’s producer from 1980-1985 is on board with the show.

I’m not sure anyone cares, but people do like stunt shows and wackiness nowadays. It’s no Ninja Warrior, but at least someone is getting hurt doing stupid stuff.

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