The Superbowl has come and gone. We were treated to hard hits, dancing girls, and premature celebration. Of course, none of that happened during an obscenely boring game. I’m not here to talk about football, nor would I want to. I’m more interested in the commercials. You know, no matter how many football jerseys you buy or foam fingers you wave, you’re interested in the commercials too. Over three decades ago Farrah Fawcett and Joe Namath started the trend that continues to this day. There were some decent additions to the lineup this year, but the overall state of Superbowl tv spots in 2007 was mediocre.

My personal Top 5 ads from this year’s event are below, but before we get to the good let’s address the mediocre. It’s not that the commercials weren’t there; it’s simply that nothing felt like an event. I remember my father and I laughing and enjoying the commercials each year. With the overpriced ad space, and ridiculous asking prices from stars like Britney Spears, it appears the Superbowl TV spot has been toned down. Event spots like Mac’s 84 unveiling are few and far between.

This year Coca-Cola had some decent entries, but most were already old news. The GTA style commercial is still amusing, but it was better when I saw it a month ago. Then there’s trying too hard, for the best example see’s attempt at humor. I love dancing girls as much as any red-blooded football fan, but there was nothing clever or interesting about their spot. Car commercials have such potential for greatness, but only GM attempted something different and interesting. Of course, in terms of effectiveness the Toyota Tundra spot actually made me consider buying one.

There were a lot of commercials this year, and I find myself enjoying the traditional style ones more often than the others. A little hi-tech can add that extra Superbowl bang, see the lions from Taco Bell for a decent example. Overall, the best on my list consist mostly of clever but traditional commercials. The following aren’t the top commercials from a marketing standpoint or who got the most bang for their buck; my Top 5 are simply those that I enjoyed the most. Let’s face it, if you can’t enjoy the commercials there’s little hope for making it through Superbowl Sunday.

Bud Light: Slapping
Anheuser Busch

This one is simple, and attention grabbing. The sudden change from the bump to a slap is hilarious. Not only that but we’re taken on a journey around the world as the “slap bump” makes it’s way into society, culminating with the original guy slapping his boss. The best part is the boss tries doing the old school bump, only to get smacked. It’s an instant classic, and it may even start a few fights this week.

FedEx: Don’t Judge

I love FedEx. Not the company, I have no real preference on my delivery needs. But at the Superbowl they deliver about as consistently as Bud does. Last year we got a great caveman parody, this year we are taught a lesson in judging. “Don’t Judge” isn’t nearly as great as past entries by FedEx, but it was entertaining and as a commercial worked really well. The message was clear throughout, and anything with a character named Mr. Turkeyneck couldn’t possibly be bad.

Bud Light: Rock Paper Scissors
Anheuser Busch

Seriously, in what universe does paper beat rock? I think the true genius of this commercial is we finally put that misconception to rest. Plus, any party where a buddy gets knocked on his ass is a good one in my book. “I threw a rock.” I’ll have to use that someday.

GM: Robot
General Motors

Anthropomorphizing robots works 60% of the time, every time. Plus, this GM spot gets points for having a piece of machinery make my wife go “awwww.” I certainly don’t get that reaction when I pull out my laser level and cordless drill. Hats off to you GM, very well played. Unfortunately, I don’t really want to buy your product. But I may take your assembly line robot out for a few beers this weekend.

Bud Light: Hitchhiker
Anheuser Busch

This last one was difficult. While the pickins were slim this year, there were still a few that could have made the number five spot. I wouldn’t wish Kevin Federline on anyone, even if his commercial was funny. Just remember, you may think you’re laughing at him, but he got paid. The only thing funny would be if he actually was working at a fast food joint.

Personally, I wouldn’t pick up anyone who was carrying Bud Light. No need to get into beer preferences though, the message in this commercial is clear. If you see a guy on the side of the road with an axe and a case of beer, feel free to pick him up and use his awesome bottle opener. However, a guy with a chainsaw and Bud Light needs to be evaluated a bit more. I’m firmly on the side of listening to the guy with the axe. In any case, this commercial is another example of simplicity working very well.

So there are my Top 5 2007 Superbowl Commercials. I have my reasons for picking them, you probably disagree with at least one. So let me know which commercial you’d put at the top of your list. The Doritos Checkout Girl? I liked that, up until the final 3 seconds. How about those Budweiser cooler stealing crabs? Let us know what you thought of the 2007 collection of commercials below.

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