A lot of people jumped on board Curb Your Enthusiasm this year for the Seinfeld non-reunion that's been happening all year long. Many of them, like me, never got around to watching the first six seasons of the series, but now we'll get that chance, without having to fork over any of our hard-earned cash on the DVD sets. TV Guide and TV Land have secured the basic cable rights to the entire series according to The Hollywood Reporter. However, if you don't get TV Guide Channel, you're wait will be a little longer.

TV Guide will begin airing the series in February 2010, but TV Land has to wait until they get through the series first, so don't expect it to join their lineup of "classic" television until 2013. That start date will get pushed back even further if Curb gets picked up for any additional seasons.

While I'm no expert on Curb, having only started watching it this season, it's pretty tame by HBO standards. There's very little in the way of sex or nudity; most of the times the worst they'll have to do is curb the language. While I've read criticisms that this isn't one of the show's strongest seasons, I find myself quite enjoying what a terrible person Larry is, even though he sometimes starts out with the best of intentions. He always seems to get in his own way.

The Seinfeld reunion special they're trying to put together within the fictional world of the series has brought plenty of laughs as well. Curb Your Enthusiasm is a perennial awards show staple, and has been getting huge buzz for a decade now. It's great that it will now get the opportunity to reach a somewhat wider audience.

I say somewhat, because TV Guide Channel isn't exactly a ratings juggernaut. Clearly they're making moves to become a bigger player and move away from the image many of us remember of the channel: a 24-hour scrolling guide to what's on television. Curb joins Ugly Betty as their first major network syndication pick-ups, and it shows that they're shooting for quality.

Me? I'm just excited that I can watch those early seasons of Curb I missed the first time around.

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