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Holy frak tonight’s episode of Battlestar Galactica was crazy. I swear, it was like an episode of 24 complete with little time updates to let us know when and where things were happening as the craziness ensued. I think we should have all seen this coming. I’m not just talking about the major act of rebellion here. How long have we watched Tom Zarek teeter on the edge of causing some major political drama among the fleet, only to pull back and play ball like a good former-terrorist? Shouldn’t we have known that sooner or later the stars would align, the right people would step to his side and he’d finally get the revolution he’s been craving for so many years?

We saw Zarek’s dream realized tonight. Or at the very least, begin to be realized as he and his new BFF Gaeta organized an all out rebellion against the fleet. Cylons were imprisoned, a random hanger-guy in an orange suit got his scull crushed by a wrench, Zarek was freed and Starbuck got her smooch on with Lee in a, “Hey, we’re not dead!” celebratory moment.

While Roslin’s busy taking personal day after personal day, Lee’s trying to keep a grip on the Quorum. He has no idea that Gaeta is in the process of helping Zarek escape, organizing a round-up of all the known Cylons lingering among the fleet, and preparing to take control of the CIC and have Bill Adama and Tigh thrown in the brig with the other toasters and known toaster-supporters. This includes Helo, Athena, Hera, Caprica-Six and Anders. Anders got taken down after Seelix gave a little speech about all the time she’d spent with him on Caprica believing he was one of them. Yeah, she’s got a score to settle with Anders.

Zarek gets out of the brig and with the help of Gaeta and some other mostly nameless Zarek supporters who are also on Team We-Don’t-Trust-Cylons, they get him back to Colonial One where he tells Lee Adama released him. Lie. Lee falls for it long enough for Zarek to have Lee captured and dragged back to Galactica where some random pissed off civilian in Zarek’s army puts a gun to his head. Meanwhile Kara, who is totally in Starbuck mode tonight, spots a bunch of civilians arming themselves. She calls the CIC and gets Gaeta but when she tells him what she saw, he just hangs up on her. The smart thing to do would’ve been to take a message but perhaps Gaeta thought the plan was already well enough in motion not to have to worry about the fleet’s most lethal pilot catching wind of it.

Just when I’m thinking Lee’s about to get a bullet in his head (or whatever it is that comes out of those guns), the guy holding the gun is shot. He falls and Kara’s standing behind him, with her gun raised. She’s all, “Yeah, what?” and another one of Zarek’s guys says “Frak You”. Kara responds by giving him another one of her bullets. She offers the other people standing around with guns a taste but they decline, letting her and Lee escape. They run off and Kara gives Lee a kiss. She’s all charged up after her shooting spree. She and Lee go find Roslin, and get her out of her and Adama’s love-nest. Roslin finally realizes maybe it’s time to go back to work so they go to find Baltar, knowing he’s got a secret wireless and they can use it to talk some sense into the fleet before it gets worse.

Meanwhile, Gaeta’s got everyone in the CIC busy at work. He’s claiming there’s complications and weird readings or something. This is a mark of just how vital and trusted Gaeta is. He’s in a key position to cause some major problems in the CIC and no one has any reason to question what he’s telling them. They don’t even realize that people are getting killed or thrown in the brig out in the rest of the ship. Once Adama catches wind of what’s happening, Gaeta gives the signal and his marines surround them. Shots are fired and at least one guy gets killed. Adama is both in shock about what’s happened and visibly saddened by the death of the soldier who was trying to protect him. He tells Gaeta and everyone with him that there will be no forgiveness for this if they continue doing what they’re doing. Gaeta doesn’t care. He tells Adama that his emotional attachments to the Cylons, including Tigh have clouded his judgment and he’s not going along with it anymore. He has three soldiers escort Tigh and Adama to the brig.

Baltar and his band of sex-buddies are preparing to leave their den of tapestries, incense, statues and probably oils and some other funky things I wouldn’t want to touch. Roslin tries to appeal to Baltar and while he’s hesitant at first about giving up his wireless radio, he finally does. Roslin gives a moving speech to the fleet about letting go of generations of hatred and war between the Cylons and the humans and realizing this could be their only hope before Gaeta finally figures out where the wireless feed is coming from and pulls the plug on it but the Quorum was listening. Whether or not they were moved by it, we don’t know yet. The speech probably would have been a little more helpful a few days prior but whatever. Better late than never, Roslin.

Gaeta should have put more than three guys on Adama and Tigh. Adama gets in one of the soldier’s faces and basically dares him to shoot him. The guy hesitates of course and Adama and Tigh take a chance in attacking them. They take down two of the soldiers and the third surrenders. When they run into Lee and Kara, Kara wants to shoot guard #3. She even tries but Adama lets him get away. Kara reminds him that these aren’t his men anymore. She’s kind of right.

Adama and Roslin meet up and share a long kiss, causing Lee and Kara to politely turn their backs. They get a hatch open and a raptor comes to take them and Baltar to a basestar. Adama won’t leave Galactica though so he lets Rolsin and Baltar go alone and stays behind with Tigh to face off with the marines who are about to burst through the door any minute. When Gaeta learns that there’s an unidentified raptor leaving the ship, he gives the order to have it destroyed and we’re left with a torturous “To Be Continued.”

Another notable moment was Tyrol proving his loyalty to Adama by helping out against the rebellion. And then there was Baltar calling Gaeta to try to appeal to him, reminding him that he knows what Gaeta did in accidentally helping that Eight get all of those people on the list killed back on New Caprica. If you’re in the dark about that, Watch the “Face of the Enemy” webseries.

Crazy episode. I’m loving badass Starbuck. I’m wondering if her nothing-to-lose attitude is because she thinks she’s a Cylon or if she just doesn’t care anymore. She’s been back to bitch-mode since she got back from burning her other body and who can blame her? She has no one to talk to about it and people are saying things like “We don’t even know what you are?” to her. I’d be cranky too. I loved that we got more Baltar tonight and I kind of hope this is the end of the cult arc for him. I miss him as a regular character on the show. As funny as it is to see his followers worshipping him, I miss the selfish, sarcastic, know-it-all Baltar we used to see so much of.

Random question. Where the frak is Tory? We haven’t seen her since the first half of the season ended. What’s she been up to?

Spoilers based on the “next week” clips shown at the end of the episode ahead!

So I guess we know Roslin and Baltar make it to the basestar in one piece since we saw them there in one of the clips. Adama’s on the verge of being airlocked. Roslin’s royally pissed off. Bring on the drama! My money’s on this ending with Gaeta not living through this.
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