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There’s something to be said for the simple head-down strategy. In Big Brother, when you’re on the block, you can either fight for your life, being aggressive, sneaky, manipulative or just plain desperate or you can ride it out and hope that when it comes time for the voting, the other houseguests will have completely forgotten about you and vote for the other guy to go. The latter was Dan’s strategy this week.

Steven did his best to win over the house and compared to Dan, he took a much more aggressive approach to gaining votes. However, things weren’t looking good for him from the get-go. Though there was a point when it seemed like Steven might have a chance to stay. Some of the girls (among them, Libra and Keesha) started noticing how much time Angie has been spending with Memphis. Knowing that Michelle and Jessie are tight and Memphis and Jessie are buds, the girls are starting to realize that there must be an alliance going on there. They considered voting to keep Steven and evict Dan, if only to draw a line between themselves and the other four. It would’ve been a bold move but in the end, they all decided to evict Steven.

With all the drama that took place in the house this week, it was kind of surprising that the mood of tonight’s eviction was almost happy. It seemed like both Dan and Steven knew that it didn’t matter what they said in their pre-vote speech and it was unlikely that anyone was planning on changing their vote last-minute. Dan’s pre-vote speech included him doing a little Chenbot brownnosing followed by a lighthearted speech about enjoying his time in the house. Steven’s speech was funny but totally ridiculous. It included a shout-out to DiGiorno pizza and ended with the words, “Suck it, bitches.” It’s too bad he had to go.

Rarely do I bother commenting on the good-bye speeches but I need to point out that Jessie’s parting message had to have been the most pointless good-bye in the history of this show. He prattled on about how hard he (Jessie) has worked on his body and how he hopes Steven will have benefited from his influence, “leading by example.” Seriously? That’s it? Ok, so they’ve only known each other for a couple of weeks but could Jessie not think of anything better to talk about than himself and weight-lifting? As useless as his goodbye message was, I really hope we see more of that from Jessie. It’s hilarious.

The Head of Household competition was an eliminator round. That means two houseguests go up against each other on one question. Whichever houseguest gets the question right stays in the game. If a houseguest gets the question wrong or doesn’t get the chance to answer it, they’re eliminated. The winner of the round gets to choose the next two contestants. The best strategy for this kind of game is, if you win a round, choose two contestants you don’t want to win HoH to go up against each other. That way you know at least one of them will be knocked out of the competition in that round.

The theme of the competition had to do with things the aliens that were appearing in the house mirrors this week stole from the house. Prop-cupcakes, the big fork, a potted plant and a couple of other things went missing this week. Julie read off the clue about the item and the houseguests had to guess which room it went missing from or else guess “not-missing”. In the end, Keesha, who sported a look on her face that suggested she had no idea what was going on (or perhaps a small rodent was chewing on her feet – it’s hard to say), managed to win the competition by default in the final round against Libra.

Considering her strongest ally left the house this week, it should be interesting to see who she allies with now that she’s got the power.

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