Raise your hand if you’re starting to now hate Brandi. Me, too. And I just started to like her last week. The only thing that saves Raphael from my wrath is that he is trying to do the right thing. I’m jumping ahead, though. Last night’s episode of In Plain Sight was all about relationships and the things people do because they think it’s what they’re supposed to do.

Don and Ruth are a married couple who now can’t stand each other. Being extremely devout Catholics, and I mean devout, they will not divorce. While they are seeking guidance from their priest, Joseph O’Connor (a really bad guy) comes in and shoots him dead. Don and Ruth escape and Mary becomes their new savior. These two are the kind of people who run a homeless shelter and treat it as if it’s their own home. Yup, that devoted to doing the work of God.

So they’re living and working in Albuquerque for about 16 months when Don suddenly shows up dead, burned to death in a car. Ruth goes to identify the body but it’s so burned that you can’t really see who it is. When the medical examiner tells her Don’s liver is just about gone because he’s an alcoholic, Ruth is adamant that it’s not Don. He never drank. Sucks to be Mary and Marshal right about now, huh.

When she first got the call for the case she was finally talking to Raphael about the proposal and how she felt about him. I almost fast forwarded through the case to get to the next scene with them in it. Good thing I didn’t because I would have missed the entire show. It’s mostly just Brandi and Raph now. So anyways, Mary runs out on Raph and leaves him at the restaurant her mother now works at. Guess who else is skulking around. Super available Brandi. When she is dropping Raph off they have this moment and I swear I wanted to punch them both. It’s that TV moment where they just look at each other and it’s just too obvious for words that something’s about to happen. Good thing mom called right at that moment to tell Brandi to get back.

Meanwhile, Mary finds out that Don is still alive from Phil, one of the homeless people at the shelter, and when she confronts him, Don is so nice a tear almost formed. Maybe it would have really if I wasn’t so bitter about Brandi and Raph. Don said the only way for he and Ruth to find happiness is if she thought he was dead because they were both so miserable. Stand up guy, right. So Don gets to stay in the program and relocate and Ruth gets to stay in Albuquerque and hopefully be happy with the people she has come to love at the shelter, including the cook for the shelter, who carries a little light for her, too.

So everyone’s happy on the work front, again. On the personal front is a whole different thing. The only one who seems to be happy is Mom because she decides to pursue her dreams, albeit, a little later in life, and audition for a role in a community play. Raph, though, calls Brandi and tells her they can’t hang out anymore (the only reason I don’t give him an imaginary punch) but he’s broken up about it. Brandi actually starts crying. Give me a break. This is your sister’s boyfriend. I’m going to start yelling at my computer now.

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