So 13 months ago, a cop from Chicago, Eps, was placed in WITSEC and under Mary’s care. He’s cute in that been around a bit way and kind of a jerk so it’s natural that he and Mary get together. Skip to today and he’s arrested for the murder of an Albuquerque cop who’s from Chicago. You know what, I’d still rather have Mary with the kind of jerk one night stand than with Raph, who is a complete jerk and always seems to get off way too easy.

Mary’s given Brandi and Raph her consent to still hang out despite the fact that everyone thinks they’re sleeping together (which they’re not but it’s only a matter of time). While Brandi is happily telling Raph that they can still be friends, he confesses to sleeping with Judy, his physical therapist. I must admit I was a little shocked. I mean, to bring some one else into the picture was kind of from left field. Brandi storms out because she’s angry that he slept with Judy but never even hit on her. Seriously? These two are the most uneven characters I’ve seen in a while. I mean, now Brandi is talking to her loser boyfriend again and even gets the suitcase she threw in the river so she can make the drop. Agh. Mom finds out about Raph and then Mary finds out about Raph. But I guess, technically, they were sort of broken up so Mary can’t be too mad. Seriously? I know Mary’s laid back and a commitmentphobe but she’s not even a little pissed Raph cheated on her? I guess it’s all that time she’s spending with Eps now.

Since they slept together, Mary has been keeping her distance from Eps because if word ever got out that they were together, she’d get fired. I think there’s too much of a spark there, though, and she’s just trying to squash it. Of course, the overzealous partner of the cop who was killed tapped Eps’ phone and heard him say they were together once. Mary and her seem to make nice by the end of the episode but only after a few altercations, including a full on fight caught on camera. The partner is so wired to catch some one for her partner’s murder that she doesn’t think of anything else which means that Mary and Marshall have to go looking for the truth.

They end up at a gay bar and it doesn’t take too long to get there. I think it’s the first stop actually. When they confront the partner, she finally says she didn’t know for sure but she always suspected. Then Mary and Marshall start questioning if the wife knew. Big surprise…the grieving widow knew. She killed her own husband and there was barely an explanation other than he wanted to die a hero. It didn’t make any sense. Either she’s just plain crazy or the writers got sidetracked by the whole new love interest angle. Because now that his cover is blown, Mary tells Eps he’ll have to be relocated. Instead, he chooses to drop out of the program and stay in Albuquerque. He’s staying because he likes everything about Albuquerque. Wink, wink.

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