So two Russian witnesses meet and start dating in Albuquerque. No, seriously. Marshall and Mary’s witnesses seem to fall in love via a dating service but they haven’t broken any rules. What t do? Apparently if you’re on In Plain Sight, secretly download everything from one of their computers to an USB drive and see what they know.

The good news for Mary and Marshall is that neither Sergei, Marshall’s witness, nor Natasha, Mary’s witness, has let slip about their past. But Mary is convinced her sweet Natasha, who was a simple witness to a crime, was in danger because of Sergei, who was a con man who turned on his boss when he was busted. Not bad logic but Sergei doesn’t seem so bad. After a little digging, Mary discovers he’s dating a few other women. When Mary and Natasha confront him, he smooth talks his way out of it as far as Natasha is concerned. But what do you do when some one doesn’t want to be saved from their doomed relationship? You let them keep believing it’s okay. Unless, of course, you have a guy like Marshall who’ll take the USB to the IT department to try and decode of all the files you couldn’t see.

Turns out Sergei wasn’t lying about not divulging his past or knowing about Natasha’s. Before you get all sweet on the guy, though, you should know he has a million websites he’s started. Still not catching the drift? What if I were to say he has a website about his love life. You know, one that shows all the girls he’s dating and what they do on their dates…when they’re alone in bed. Yup, not so sweet after all, huh? So Marshall and Mary bust in on Natasha and Sergei just as she’s about to show it all on the internet. They arrest Sergei and tell Natasha she will have to be relocated. Poor Natasha really does look like she’ll never open herself up again.

One person who doesn’t have a hard time being vulnerable? Brandi. My super favorite sister had a heck of a time this episode. First, Mary dropped her off at the airport so she could go back to her drug-dealing boyfriend. Brandi, though, sneaks back into town to sell said drugs. Luckily, Brandi turns out to have a little sense and she tips off the ATF to the drug deal. Thank God. And just when I started to open myself up to Brandi again, she shows up at Raph’s house. Seriously.

Nothing happens that we know of, except for her falling asleep but when Mary shows up at Raph’s and sees them together…I’m beginning to think it will seriously never be worked out. One more time: seriously?

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