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With only six episodes in the queue Parks and Recreation is at the half way mark.

Things seem to pick up in the third episode with a reporter signed on to cover the building of the park.

Leslie invites Mark out for coffee to discuss the reporter’s visit even though he’s holding coffee. Smooooth. Even so, he accepts.

The meeting is pretty non-memorable except for when Mark tells Leslie she’s insane and her comeback is, “You’re insane!!” followed by delirious laughter. She got him with that one.

The sexy reporter shows up to the office and totally throws Leslie off her game even though that obviously was not her intent. The reporter simply asks, “It’s cool if we record this, right?”

As we’ve witnessed, Leslie rambles and constantly puts her foot in her mouth so it’s not too surprising that she freezes when seeing the reporter’s recorder. She actually gets up and leaves the room to go collect herself.

It comes to light that Anne’s injured boyfriend was hammered when he fell in the pit. Shocking turn of events!! It is pretty laughable that it comes up with the reporter in the room.

Commercial Break: Oh yeah, Rashida Jones is on the show too. She’s in a lot of scenes but not very present. She’s definitely under utilized.

Back to the recap … Anne’s boyfriend gets defensive and points out she’s not perfect either since she’s on the pill and … drinks!! Anne reminds him that that’s perfectly fine.

Tom has an ongoing feud with the big boss over online Scrabble. Scrabble is fun. Why don’t we play more often? Actually, that’s what we were thinking when watching the show and may have missed some bits. P&J is funny but it’s very easy to become distracted and start to drift.

Best Quote of the Night: “I just got your, umm, fifteen texts.”

The reporter lets Leslie off the hook and reschedules for the next day at the pit. Or, so we think! Leslie beats the reporter to the pit for the meeting and sees Mark drops her off and she has the same dress on from the night before. It takes a while but it finally clicks that the reporter is doing the walk of shame.

Aww, she looks gutted. Leslie lets her nerves get the best of her and admits to getting her job due to nepotism thru her mother. What, who says that?? Well, Leslie Knope apparently.

Leslie bails on the interview half way through and runs to Anne’s house to gossip about Mark’s liaisons. The venting session wasn’t enough and Leslie confronts Mark about “the sex” he had with the reporter.

Even though it’s personal and not Leslie’s business Mark does answer for himself saying, “I’m going to say something and I don’t want you to take it the wrong way … but you are being a huge dork.”

Awesome!! This show is picking up some speed … seriously, you expect him to say something very under the radar but he just went with the straight forward approach. It’s rare that you hear the word dork on TV. It’s just refreshing for some reason.

Leslie calls up the reporter and blames her weirdness on eating an over-ripe burrito and suggests a “do-over” interview. Do-overs are the best!

The reporter has gotten some feedback from the public and it doesn’t sound like the park is going to happen.

Mark said some stuff over “pillow talk” and the reporter now plans on running it. Busted! He forgot to say it was technically off–the-record. He tries to talk her into not using the quotes since they were in bed. She agrees since they are “romantically together.” Instead of quitting while he’s ahead Mark feels the need to point out they aren’t “together.” Ouch. Back to square one. She doesn’t promise to refrain from using the damaging info.

Mark apologizes to Leslie for making things messy with his sex and she reinstates him onto the sub-committee. That Leslie … so forgiving.

As Mark leaves the room Tom busts out, “That dude has stuck in some crazee chicks.” He spills this out without even looking up from his hot game of Scrabble. His deadpan is priceless.

Don’t forget, Leslie and Mark had intense sex according to Leslie. Crazy? Leslie? Neva. Mark, on the other hand, sort of forgot about it.

The quest for the park is still going but throwing in Mark as the uninterested love interest mixed things up a bit. If it was just about the park then it may have hit a dead end.

What happens to Rashida Jones once the park is made?

The park is being built based on her initial complaint. She’s actually a nurse and has no connection to the rest of the gang without the park. Will it ever get made? Maybe she’s only signed on for the first six episodes. Maybe she’ll be an honorary public official!

The article came out. There was no mention of drunk debauchery, “the sex” with the public official or Leslie’s ramblings. Leslie’s mission is not yet over. Viva la park!

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