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Probst straight up kills me during the recap this week when he talks about Fang. He basically says there a bunch of morons, running through their food. Ace and Matty strike a deal to keep their Sugar and Kenny respectively as their alliance. Smart move on both parts. Sugar gives the title to this week’s episode when she gives Ace the idol for safe keeping – and coins the title phrase. As Ace is talking to the camera about their deal, their pet elephant gets in the water and swims around the pool.

Kota’s only problem is that my man Dan won’t stop eating. He is a healthy guy, and I’m sure he needs the energy, but dude, he seems to be eating everything in sight. Maybe he’s got a parasite. They need to check him for worms. I guess if he starts rubbing his butt on the ground they’ll know for sure.

Reward this week is a super sweet condiment/treat basket designed to make Kota’s life even more comfortable than it already is. Randy gives the thumbs up to Fang when Kota sees that they voted out GC. The actual challenge is each tribe carrying a huge heavy snake-looking thing running around a circle. They’ve done this challenge virtually every season since the beginning. Fang can’t keep up, and they encourage the dead weight to drop out – Sugar, Kenny and Kelly. They break out, and the boys at Kota are booking it. Ace is holding the majority of the damn thing, and Kota overtakes them. That was a big shocker. Oh, and in another big shocker, Sugar heads off to exile again.

When they get the loot back to camp, Kota instills some rationing laws to keep Dan’s appetite from starving everyone else. Dan pulls a Frank the Tank when he talks about how good it all is. And the John Malkovich wanna-be Randy encourages my man Dan to eat as much as he wants. Jerk!

Matty is trying to push Fang to get up off their asses and get some work done while they can – to save energy the next day for the challenge. On the other side of the coin, Kota catches a turtle and whips up a sweet protein filled soup.

For Immunity, the tribes they are divided into pairs and tied together to go through an obstacle course. Each pair takes turns getting a piece back to the tribe. Yadda yadda yadda. Fang is actually leading for a bit at least. Matty/Kenny and Dan/Marcus cheat and climb over half of the obstacles – you can tell Probst is pissed that they thought of that, cause there was no rule against it.

Since the end of the challenge depends on teamwork, it’s no surprise when Kota busts it out fast. Fang is off to tribal, and we get to see the maneuvering amongst the tribe to see who’s going to stab who in the back.

There’s the usual maneuvering, and Kenny tries to gun for Ace. He actually talks to Sugar, and looks her in the eye. He finds out that Ace has the Idol, and starts back pedaling a little bit. Sugar gets the Idol back, but Kenny doesn’t know that.

Kelly seals her fate by calling Crystal unstable. Crystal explains that Kelly is a young girl who has no clue about life and frustration. Matty admits that there is no sort of order or logical thinking in this tribe, so no one is safe.

Everyone casts their votes, Jeff tallies ‘em up. And Kelly is G-O-N-E. My husband is sad, ‘cause his eye candy (though she looks like Rafa Nadal’s younger sister) is gone from Fang. Too bad, so sad!

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