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This Camp is Cursed – yeah, they may be right about that. Not only can they not win anything, but they’ve got a good sized elephant stalking them. By good sized, I mean he’s probably a teenager, ‘cause he ain’t that big – but he is big enough to kill one or all of the tribe. The entire tribe pops a squat across the water hole from this not-so-gentle-giant, and Matty and Ace decide to take the kayak over to get a closer look. This was not a great idea, because the elephant gets a straight-up crazy look in its eyes. Oh wait – it always looks like that. He or she does get it’s ears a-flappin’ though, and makes a stand that causes the boys to back off quickly.

The reward challenge involves throwing fruit, hitting it with sticks, and tossing it in a basket. Betcha can’t guess who wins…if you thought Fang, you clearly didn’t read the title. Those silly gooses over at Kota decide to send Sugar back to Exile, and she has to at least pretend that she’s upset. No one knows she’s already got the idol, so she gets some fruit, a shower, and a comfy place to sleep. She’s definitely getting a good deal here.

GC and Crystal get into a fight cause he needs some mothering, and she’s used to that. She tells him to shut his mouth and eat his rice. He gets mad, and runs off. He barely makes it back for the immunity challenge – and he gets all of the attention he was after. If he doesn’t get voted off, these people are morons.

In the most creative challenge I’ve seen in quite a few seasons, the tribes are standing on the top of a big hill with four tribe members in the middle, at the bottom of the hill are some goals with different point values marked. It’s Randy/Dan for Kota and Sugar/Ace for Fang. Sugar and Randy are the callers, while Ace and Dan are blindfolded and trying to block the giant vine tumbleweeds barreling down the hill at them.

It goes back and forth between the two teams until the final throw when Randy calls out for Ace to get out of the way, and he does it! WTF?!?! Did you forget that Sugar was your caller? I’m not sure if Ace noticed, but Sugar sounds like a woman, while Randy sounds like a bad impression of John Malkovich in ConAir.

So, Fang is going back to Tribal, and GC is telling everyone he’s ready to leave. Wow, if there is one thing I can’t stand it’s people who can’t finish what they’ve started. Sugar and Ace go off alone, and the rest of the tribe snoops through Sugar’s stuff. They find the idol, and decide to blindside her. How ridiculous. Even after all of GC’s crap, and his request to leave – they are going to get rid of Sugar who has done nothing to anyone, and isn’t even much of a competitor.

At Tribal GC says he can’t take how much he misses home. Sugar says she understands, they all feel that way. Matty tells them both to suck it up. After the votes are cast, and subsequently tallied by Probst, the Fang tribe made the right choice and gave the worthless player the boot. Thank goodness!

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