If you are a fan of Starr, like Dallas is, I found www.nickandstarr.com yesterday. I must say, Starr in a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader uniform was pleasing to the eyes. OWW! Yet again I make the mistake of writing something like that with my wife next to me. Man if I was Terence, I would cry right now. On to the show!

After two legs in New Dehli, teams find on their first clue that they will be heading to Almaty, Kazakhstan where they must search a chicken factory for a golden egg to get the next clue. In a funny exchange Dallas says the only thing he knows about Kazakhstan is Borat and Toni tells her son that they will not be discussing that. After departing the pit stop, Nick/Starr and Toni/Dallas head to a hotel to find clues about their flights. While Nick and Toni research flights, Starr and Dallas start the heavy flirting. Terence starts whining about having too much stuff while Sarah counters with “I’m in a good mood baby.” I think she is a smart enough girl to dump his ass when they get home. I really hope so for her sake.

Next to depart is Ken/Tina who talk about how they are getting along better but Tina is still incredibly nagging. Last to depart was team Andrew/Dan. Ken/Tina finally get on the flight that Nick/Starr and Toni/Dallas booked at the airport earlier. Terence/Sarah and Andrew/Dan get on separate flights to Kazakhstan that are scheduled to land almost two hours after the other three teams land. It isn’t set in stone but it looks like one of these final two teams will be eliminated.

Not so fast actually. Once Nick/Starr, Toni/Dallas, and Ken/Tina arrive at the chicken coop, they realize it doesn’t open until 7:30am. Terence/Sarah arrive and are relieved to get there. Hours later, Andrew/Dan receive the break of the trip by catching up. Once opened, they rush for the roadblock. The roadblock is that in the huge house of chickens there are seven golden eggs hiding. Also at the clue box was the option of doing the Fast Forward. Nick/Starr decide to go for it. Usually no other teams challenge another team for it but Terence decides it is a good idea so they rush after Nick/Starr. Sarah doesn’t believe it is a good idea but she goes along anyway.

The chicken coop challenge is pretty funny with Toni, Andrew, and Tina searching for the golden eggs. Toni finds hers first and we get to see the next clue. After getting the clue, teams must search the giant crane trucks on the chicken factory grounds. They must drive these giant crane trucks until they find the beautiful Koktobe Arch near some mountains. They must find a path until they find some Mongolian warriors. Nothing crazy there. I love hanging out with Mongolians! Andrew and Tina find their golden eggs pretty soon afterward and are off as well.

Nick/Starr and Terence/Sarah arrive within five minutes of each other at the Fast Forward. Each of the teams must basically eat a plate of lamb ass fat. At least they didn’t have to eat the nasty looking lamb heads that other people were eating. Besides eating the head and ass of a lamb, there’s another problem. Terence is a vegetarian! He is obviously upset and says he can’t eat it but then decides to force it down. He is gagging constantly and I don’t think he has even eaten anything. Terence, though, compounds his mistake of wanting to do the fast forward by slowly trying to do it. Nick/Starr are always great at challenges. Terence should have immediately decided to head back to the other challenge. Why did he wait until Starr was basically done? Idiot! By waiting entirely too long to do this, he has definitely put his team at risk of being eliminated. He finally decides they must go back while Nick/Starr gloat to themselves that they knew they would quit.

Toni/Dallas are on their way in their huge crane trucks and ask for directions. They arrive at the arch and quickly get to the Mongolian warriors. A falcon/eagle/big freaking bird flew the next clue from one warrior to the other. This clue is a detour. The two choices are “Play Like Mad” or “Run Like Fools”. The Play like Mad challenge is nuts. They must learn to play a small tune with native instruments and then play for tips. Whatever! The “Run Like Fools” detour means to dress like a cow, go drink a glass of milk, walk to find a bull, and basically that’s it. Ha haha I am so glad every team chooses the cow costumes. I like to be entertained.

Tina/Ken arrive at the Mongolian warrior location as Toni/Dallas depart for the cow challenge. Andrew/Dan decide to channel the spirit of Kelly/Christy (RIP) by getting completely lost. Only Andrew/Dan could keep Terence/Sarah in the game this long. Sarah decides to do the chicken challenge and is trying to talk to the chickens to let them know she needs them to move. Haha It was funny to see. She seems like a very sweet girl who just has made a bad choice to date a girly man who says “my love” so much that my wife threatened violence against him. Andrew/Dan can’t find anyone to help them with directions. They immediately declare the country to be full of bad people. Might I suggest the country is full of people who just don’t speak ENGLISH??? Idiot frat boys. They finally get some help to let them know they are on the right track and turn down their sulking a little bit.

Nick/Starr skip all the tasks since they won the fast forward and arrive at the pit stop in first place by a good amount. They finish first for the fourth time in a row I believe. I could go back and read my old recaps, but I am much too lazy for that. This is one of the best teams ever on this show. I really like Starr, and Nick is fine. He’s a bit arrogant at times but on the whole, not bad.

Toni/Dallas are the first in the cow suits. I love this team. Dallas loves that he is making his mom be the ass of the cow suit. They are joking and mooing loudly to entertain the people walking. In contrast, Tina is bitching and moaning at Ken ability to be a cow’s ass. Andrew/Dan are having their first couple fight about how fast each walk while Terence/Sarah are in route to the Mongol warrior area. Toni/Dallas pass the milk cart which allows Ken/Tina to catch up.

Tina drinks her milk first but can’t find the clue so she decides they must have drank milk at the wrong cart. Uh what? Toni/Dallas come back to the cart and drink the milk and find the clue at the bottom of the milk. Toni/Dallas now head to the meat market in their cow costumes AS THE CLUE STATES. Tina finally comes back to the milk cart and sees the clue at the bottom of the glass. Ken/Tina compound their mistake be heading to the costume department to take off their cow suit. Read your clue people. You have to wear the cow suit to the meat market! Toni/Dallas (in the cow suit) saunter into the meat market while Ken questions Tina’s decision to take off the suit. Take control of your team, Ken. Toni and Dallas get the final clue that leads to the pit stop. It says to walk to the pit stop and carry your cow head to see Phil. As they are leaving Tina/Ken pass them and they tell them they needed their costume. The meat market won’t let them get the clue so they head back to get their costume.

Toni/Dallas arrive at the pit stop in 2nd place while Andrew/Dan are getting on their costumes. Here’s something interesting I noticed. Andew/Dan leave their tennis shoes at the dressing room. If they make it past this week will they have to wear cow boots for the final few weeks? Haha I hope so! Ken/Tina arrive at the pit stop in 3rd place while Terence/Sarah finally get their cow suit on. Andrew/Dan make a major mistake as they arrive at the pit stop. They took a cab instead of walking. Phil sends them back to the meat market to start again. Damn you Dandrew! It’s time for Terence/Sarah to go home. This better not keep them in the race. Dandrew walk around searching for a cab to get back to the meat market and get one. Editing shows that Terence/Sarah are on the way to the meat market at this time. I can’t really tell if they are actually close or not. Andrew/Dan have made this trip twice but seem lost now. Terence/Sarah are walking fast while Terence keeps saying “my love” every five seconds. God, shut up already.

Editing makes it very close but Team Dandrew definitely reach the pit stop well before Terence/Sarah. Thankfully, this is not a non-elimination round and Terence is going home. Maybe it is just me but Sarah seemed definitely upset with him but she’s very nice about it. I did notice one thing though. When he said he loved her, she just nodded her head. Haha not a good sign Terence.

We are moving closer to the end with the following teams left: Nick/Starr, Toni/Dallas, Ken/Tina and Dan/Andrew. Dan and Andrew are the obvious weak links and I am sure they go home next unless a colossal error trips up one of the other three teams. I’m hoping for Toni and Dallas to win it all but more importantly, I’ll be hoping that Ken and Tina and Dan and Andrew are not the winners.

See you next week!

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