Well, ‘Veronica Mars’ is back, let the drama begin! Mac finally attempts to get back on the horse after the train-wreck that was her relationship with Cassidy virtually destroyed her will to date. Logan and Veronica deal with being apart in their own way and Keith agrees to investigate Dean O’Dell’s death. Everyone made an appearance in the episode with the exception of Wallace.

Mindy O’Dell hires Keith to investigate her husband’s death. She claims she needs the insurance money. Since O’Dell’s death was ruled a suicide, the insurance company wont pay up. Keith talks to Weevil (who is looking decidedly healthier, I should mention) about what he saw when he discovered O’Dell’s body. Weevil says he found O’Dell face down on his keyboard. The “suicide” note was a simple “Good-Bye, cruel world zzzzzzzzzzz.” Weevil suspected the Z’s were from when the dean’s head hit the keyboard.

Keith noticed that O’Dell’s 40-year-old bottle of scotch was still unopened. This was enough for him to deduce that O’Dell probably didn’t kill himself. He said he was waiting for a special occasion to open the bottle. One would think if the guy were going to kill himself, he’d at least treat himself to a sip or two of the aged scotch before putting a bullet through his own brain.

When Keith tells Veronica about the note, she responds by explaining that her “Perfect Murder” paper for Landry’s class last semester involved a faked suicide with a typed note (so the cops couldn’t match the handwriting) saying something vague and cliché. Her example of that kind of suicide note was… you guessed it – “Good-Bye, cruel world.”

Mindy told Keith she was with Landry the whole night but apparently Keith wasn’t convinced because Landry is the first person he questions. He attempts to chat Landry up at a bar, pretending he doesn’t know who he is and engaging him in a humorous anecdote about torching the car of an ex-boyfriend of a woman he once dated. Landry wasn’t fooled by any of this though. He calls Keith out, telling him he knows who he is and that he read his book. He goes on to say that he didn’t kill Mindy’s husband. Keith realizes that if Landry did do it, this wont be an easy case to crack. This guy is smart.

Veronica agrees to team up with Mac to investigate a missing monkey that was stolen from the campus lab. Pauline and Gil, two science students claim the PHAT (People for Humane Animal Treatment) kids did it. Veronica and Mac go undercover at PHAT to see if these people do anything more active than letter campaigns. Mac gets friendly with a guy named Bronson who is as chipmunky-adorable as she is. Meanwhile, Veronica attempts to feel the group out by talking up her seriousness for the cause, saying she really wants to do more than write letters. A kid approaches her and says they might be interested in working with her but she has to prove herself first.

She goes to meet with a rock musician who’s notorious for loving to hunt. Veronica, Parker and Mac visit him and claim to be huge fans of his music and his passion for the NRA. They’re all wearing Zeta Beta Theta shirts and ask him if he’ll pose for a picture with them wearing a sweatshirt. He agrees and puts the shirt on without looking at it. They get a picture of the guy smiling cheerfully, wearing a sweatshirt that says, “Meat is Murder.” The picture makes the paper and this is enough to get them a meeting with the serious activists, or so they think. The guy who invited them tells them they can join their anti-fur campaign. Their first task is to pose nude for a calendar. The girls hesitate long enough for a commercial break and a few “err” and “umms” before the rest of the group pops out from behind a curtain laughing. It was all a joke. Seems like these people really do just write letters to cosmetics companies.

Veronica invites Bronson to come by their dorm for the Around the World party. Parker and Mac decide to choose Canada for their dorm theme, complete with Barenaked Ladies music and stereotypical Canadian words (“eh” and “aboot”). The girls chat about boys. Parker is over Piz. Veronica doesn’t want to date or be wooed. Mac waits for Bronson to show up but when he does, she gets shy and doesn’t let him kiss her. She feels bad about this and the girls take her over to Bronson’s house. They meet his sister and find he has a room full of caged rates. Bronson said they were left on his porch so he took them in. Veronica tells this to Pauline and Gil who report it to the cops but Mac managed to warn Bronson in time to get rid of them.

When Mac finds tealeaves on the motherboard of the lab’s computer, Veronica narrows down the suspects to one person – Gil. She confronts him and it turns out he developed an affection for the cute little monkey. Despite what Pauline said at the beginning of the episode about not naming the animals, it appears Gil crossed this line and couldn’t bear the thought of the monkey (whom he named Oscar) getting euthanized, which was Oscar’s fate at the lab. Veronica decides not to rat him out (pun intended) and gives the check back to Pauline.

Mac goes to visit Bronson and asks him out to a movie. Just as she’s about to leave she turns back and gives him a smooch. After a reasonable amount of grieving period over her last boyfriend who killed a busload of people, left her naked in a hotel room and attempted to kill Veronica and Logan before killing himself, our girl is back in the saddle!

Dick gets Logan to go surfing with him. When they’re on the beach they spot some cheesy surfer girls who turn out to be as easy as they are cheesy. Logan, despite his obvious distaste for the girls, ends up letting one of them service him in his car. The girl is ecstatic to have “done that” with Aaron Echoll’s son. Ew.

Veronica sees Piz finish up his radio show and joins him for a snack in the food court. The two talk about how they don’t like dating and how it’s better to hold out for something good than just to settle for just “something.” Piz stares at Veronica with puppy dog eyes and she stares off into space with a similar look. We next see Logan in his hotel room. There’s a knock at the door and its Veronica. The exchange desperate looks before attacking each other (in the make-out sense of the word). The next morning Piz meets Veronica at the food court and offers to buy her breakfast. Just then Logan shows up and kisses Veronica. Piz walks away completely dejected, leaving Veronica staring off at him, probably realizing then how he feels about her.

A couple closing words on the episode:

Best Dick moment: Dick takes a Polaroid snapshot of his junk and flings the photo off the balcony, hoping an old lady will find it.

Big Lebowski Reference: When Pauline says “PHAT kids,” Veronica replies “…and dude, I believe girth-challenged is the preferred nomenclature.”

I also loved the Fast Times at Ridgemont High reference that Dick made about tasty waves. Nice.

How long before Veronica and Logan break up again and Veronica goes running to Piz? I get it. He’s sweet and safe but I can’t help it – even the idea of Veronica and Piz having a relationship is boring to me. If she has to be with someone other than Logan, why cant it be the former deputy, Leo or the hot football player from the beginning of the season?

Who killed the dean theory #’s 1 & 2: I’ll go with the obvious here. Either Landry did it or someone is framing him.

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