Tonight’s episode of ‘Veronica Mars,’ titled “There’s Got To Be A Morning After Pill’ was jam-packed with drama. It’s not a wonder that the writers weren’t able to squeeze in an appearance by Mac, Piz or Parker but, as much as I’m beginning to miss them, I really can’t complain. The episode dealt with the fallout of Veronica learning that Logan slept with Madison. There was also in a very interesting mystery of the week and we got a few more clues regarding the mystery surrounding the dean’s death.

Veronica is having major issues dealing with the fact that Logan slept with Madison. She eventually confronts him on it and he’s extremely remorseful and desperate for forgiveness. Veronica wastes no time reminding Logan that it was Madison who gave her the GHB-spiked drink the night of Shelly Pomroy’s party. Granted Madison didn’t know the drink was drugged but she was definitely guilty of writing “SLUT” on Veronica’s car that night.

Veronica takes this news to Dick, who actually showed a flicker of emotion when he learned that Logan shacked up with his ex. Dick finds Logan in his penthouse at the Neptune Grand and rather than doing the usual “eh, whatever man – bros before hoes” routine, he actually calls Logan out for being a crappy friend. He then goes on to tell Logan he’s pathetic for sitting around wallowing in his (filthy) room.

Meanwhile, Veronica can’t get the image of Madison and Logan together out of her mind. It drives her crazy enough to follow Madison around. She sees Madison pull into her driveway with a hamper full of laundry, obviously home from school for the weekend. Her parents surprise her with a brand new Mercedes. This of course does nothing to boost Veronica’s mood. She schemes for a way to get back at Madison, which leads her to Weevil. She asks him if he can have Madison’s car crushed and cubed. Stealing and crushing an enemy’s car was something Weevil once bragged about doing. Weevil dislikes Madison almost as much as Veronica does and agrees to do it (for a fee, of course).

The mystery of the week was brought to us by Bonnie. You might remember Bonnie as being the rather promiscuous girl who slept with Dick earlier in the season. She also had a relationship with Tim Foyle, Landry’s assistant. Tim and Bonnie had a huge fight at a party last fall because he was tired of her fooling around. Anyway, Bonnie tells Veronica that she got pregnant but had a miscarriage. When she went to the doctor, a blood test confirmed that she had been slipped the “Morning After Pill” which is what caused the miscarriage.

Veronica does her usual investigative work. It turns out Tim was really supportive of Bonnie when he found out she was pregnant and the two were back together. Bonnie also said her parents were surprisingly supportive considering how religious they are. Veronica confirms that much when she goes to see Bonnie’s father, who is a minister.

Veronica checks out the local women’s clinic to see if there was any way someone could sneak the pill out of the office. She doesn’t find any leads there. She also speaks to Dick about it because Bonnie seemed to think it might have been his baby. He said he offered to pay for it to be “taken care of” if she agreed to a paternity test. It didn’t matter though because Bonnie eventually had decided to keep the baby.

Keith gets an envelope containing photos of Veronica outside the clinic. He assumes the worst but she assures him that she isn’t pregnant. Included with the photos is some religious literature. They trace it to a place called “Good Word Press.” When she and Keith visit the place, they quickly learn that these people are the ones taking photos of women outside the clinic and sending them to the girls’ parents. Veronica and Keith get busted for snooping there when the CFO of Bonnie’s father’s ministry shows up.

Veronica thinks the miscarriage was the CFO’s doing. She considers that he might have gotten Bonnie to miscarry in order to save face for the ministry. Bonnie agrees to help her get into his office during services. They meet at her dorm room where Bonnie, her roommate and BFF, Phyllis are getting ready for church. Bonnie’s dad arrives to pick the girls up. As Veronica is scoping out the room, she notices a bookmark in a pregnancy book and recognizes it as one of the pieces of literature that “Good Word Press” sent her father. Because Bonnie mentioned that Tim gave her a pregnancy book, Veronica puts two and two together but gets it wrong. When Veronica explains about the bookmark, Bonnie says Tim didn’t give her that book, Phyllis did. Phyllis was the one who drugged her and caused her to miscarry.

Bonnie becomes enraged that her friend would do that. Phyllis cries, saying she did it because she wanted Bonnie to be able to do all of the things she dreamed of doing. She seems genuinely sorry for hurting her friend and basically felt she was doing the right thing by not allowing her to throw her life away. Bonnie is devastated. Her father hugs her and encourages her to forgive Phyllis and not hold any anger because that kind of emotion will change her.

Veronica must’ve been affected by the good minister’s words because after she leaves, she goes to meet Weevil, who successfully stole Madison’s car (he even washed it). Veronica tells him she doesn’t want to crush the car. She gives him some money for his trouble and says if he wants he can open up a can of tuna and leave it in her air conditioner vent. Weevil says she’s going soft but I can’t say I’m disappointed. With last week’s episode in which Veronica encourages a guy to blackmail a judge and then the plan to crush Madison’s car, I was starting to think Veronica might be getting a bit too vengeful. Tuna fish in the air conditioner is an appropriate revenge. Afterall, it was Logan who betrayed her, not Madison.

And finally, Keith continues investigating the dean’s death. He questions Mindy about the cars. Since Nish claims she egged the Volvo but Mindy said the dean was driving the van, Keith needs to figure out which one of them is lying. Mindy calls Keith late at night and asks him to come over because she thinks someone broke into her house. Keith catches Mindy’s ex-husband sneaking out of the house, carrying something. It turns out he’s burgling Mindy’s home because she stopped sending him the payments from the settlement they had over the bone marrow issue. Mindy can’t afford to make the payments anymore because she has no money due to the life insurance not paying for O’Dell’s supposed suicide.

After Mindy’s ex leaves, she asks Keith if he wants a drink. He uses this as an opportunity to poke around the garage. He checks the Volvo’s windshield and finds a bit of egg on it. This confirms that the car was definitely on campus and egged just as Nish claimed.

The last bit of clue we got about the dean’s death was obtained when Veronica found a file on Tim’s computer. In fact, she found a whole folder of files pertaining to the dean’s suicide. One of the files contained information about a guy who heard the gunshot while walking home from a party. Veronica goes to meet the guy and he says he told a bunch of people about it, which is probably how Tim found out. He said he was too drunk to remember what time he was stumbling home. He did remember watching ‘Space Ghost’ when he got home. That would’ve put him back in his dorm room by 2:30 am. Chances are the dean was shot some time around 2:20 am.

That about covers it. What did you think? Where you as surprised as I was by Dick’s reaction to the Logan/Madison thing? He’s never struck me as the kind of guy to care about such things. Do you think Veronica should have crushed Madison’s new car?

As much as I’ve really enjoyed the last two episodes, I’d love for Mac, Piz and Wallace to be around in the next episode. Then again, it’s February which for TV usually means cliffhangers and drama.

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