As July is just a day away, ‘Monk’ fans have something to look forward to! The premiere if the sixth season of USA’s hit series is just around the corner. The Emmy Award winning Tony Shalhoub will return to the hilariously neurotic title role, along with Monk’s trusted assistant, Natalie. I should preface this article with a warning – if you don’t want to know anything about the season premiere of ‘Monk,’ read no further!

The sixth season picks up with an episode titled, ‘Mr. Monk and his Biggest Fan’ and with the return of Marcie Maven (Monk’s biggest fan), played by Sarah Silverman. Silverman appeared in an episode of ‘Monk’ in the second season. Marcie’s love for the obsessive-compulsive detective is more stalker-ish than anything. Her house is cluttered with many of Monk’s throwaways, including his old clothes, furniture and dinnerware.

When Marcie’s recently dead dog is accused of attacking and killing a woman, she tries to get Monk to help her solve the case. I wont say how she manages it, but when she does, Monk learns that when you’re a guy who needs to have things a certain way, sometimes its not so bad to have an obsessive stalker at your side ready to fulfill your every whim.

One of the things I like about ‘Monk’ is that I don’t have to watch every episode of every season in order to enjoy it. While some of the character arcs are slightly serialized, the show frequently leaves a window open for new viewers to jump in. The upcoming season premiere of ‘Monk’ is definitely one of those opportunities. So if you’re still trying to figure out how Shalhoub has managed to grab so many awards for this role, your next opportunity to find out is coming soon!

If you’re a veteran ‘Monk’ fan, you will appreciate the frequent inside-jokes Marcie makes about the series throughout the episode.

‘Monk’ returns to USA on Friday, July 13 at 9:00 p.m.

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