Baby Boy Hughes - Fringe
Even though Fox’s Fringe slants far more towards hard science-fiction that horror, in many ways it’s still the heir apparent to The X-Files and contains more than its fair share of terrifying bumps in the night. And bump makers. Obviously a show based on abnormal or unexplained events would offer up a whole host of unusual beings and over the course the the four plus seasons there are many contenders for the creepy crown; the shapeshifters are uncanny as hell as are most of the creatures but the ‘Scorpion-Mole-Rat’ from “Night of Desirable Objects” stands out. With a name like that, how could he not?

His real name is ‘Baby Boy’ Hughes (creepy) because, well, thats’ what it says on his tombstone (even creepier). The genetically experimented on ‘boy’ didn’t turn out exactly how Dr. Hughes had planned and, after having a little baby funeral, he’s been trying to hunt down his rogue monster son ever since. Until Fringe Division is called into investigate which eventually leads the father to the end of a rope and Olivia down into the dark subterranean tunnels with only a flashlight. The story already invokes so many primal fears before being topped off with a disgusting looking creature, culled right from The Descent, dragging Olivia further into the house’s bowels. Good thing for her that he’s soon hoist with his own petard! Still gross.

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