Trinity (Arthur Mitchell) - Dexter
We've seen some very creepy people cross paths with Dexter Morgan over the course of Dexter's more-than-seven season run, but Trinity tops them all, and likely out-creeps most other TV villains. Played by John Lithgow, Arthur Mitchell (otherwise known as the Trinity Killer) was introduced in the series' fourth season and served as an example to Dexter a serial killer who was also a family-man. When he wasn't busy being an occasionally friendly, occasionally abusive husband and father, he was killing women in their bathtubs, making them fall to their deaths and bludgeoning men with a hammer.

Trinity's ritualistic triple-murders were creepy enough to put him high on any villain list, but what made him truly scary was the way he engaged with his victims. This included making the "mother" victim fall to her death, and climbing naked into the bathtub with his young female victim, then slicing her femoral artery so that she'd bleed out. This victim's last memory would be of some creepy naked stranger embracing her in a bathtub and holding up a small mirror so he could watch her die. Poor Rita learned just how disturbing this experience was when Trinity paid her a visit and left Dexter with a bathtub surprise at the end of the series' fourth season. A truly shocking and disturbing conclusion to what is arguably the best season of the series. Trinity may be gone but he won't soon be forgotten by Dexter fans thanks as much to the writing as to Lithgow's fantastically disturbing portrayal of the character.

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