The Borg - Star Trek: The Next Generation
While the Borg have become something of a pop culture anecdote over the years, when Star Trek: The Next Generation brought them to life, they were the stuff of nightmares. “Resistance is futile” has become a joke, but it came from one seriously scary source. The Borg took away from anyone they assimilated everything that made them human and individual, and turned them into a part-human, part-machine drone in the name of creating their collective. It wasn’t just the fact that they looked seriously creepy. What made the Borg scary was that they tapped into the fundamental human fear of losing your mind and your soul. And they were an emotionless juggernaut of soul thievery that couldn’t be stopped, moving through space in a huge cube that made the Death Star look friendly. Their scariest television moment came in the Season 3 cliffhanger finale, in which Captain Jean-Luc Picard is captured and assimilated, turning on his crew and preparing to assimilate them as well.

If there is anything that is more frightening than death, it’s the kind of half-life that the Borg forced upon those it assimilated. Still living, but no longer in control of yourself, lost to the people you love and lost to yourself. The Borg took the classic scary monster – the zombie - and gave it a cold, modern edge. While Picard survived his encounter, he was never quite the same (and who would be?). The Borg remain Star Trek’s scariest bad guys, and among the scariest on television.

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