2. Suburgatory’s The Shays
The members of the Shay family might be overbearing and dangerously close to crazy at times, but they also know how to have fun. They like to laugh, gossip about people in the neighborhood and best of all, play games. There are some people out there who place board games in the awkward, forced fun category, or even worse, in the bored category. Not me. And definitely not the Shay’s. They enjoy playing Monopoly and a slew of other activities, and with the possible exception of Lisa, they are all always very emotionally invested in the game’s outcome. Ryan is even prone to dancing and taking his shirt off during key gloating moments.

As a woman who knows the value of appearance, Sheila is also zealously determined to make a good impression and in her eyes, that involves food, decorations and recreational activities. A Thanksgiving at her house would be delicious and energetic. Plus, if previous holidays are any indication, there’s a chance guests might get an eyeful of Lisa’s naked body, which would make for a good, borderline-illegal story.

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