4. The Good Wife’s The Florricks
The Florrick family has had a bumpy ride over the last few TV seasons. This is mostly due to Peter and Alicia, whose busy lives and intrigue have allowed them to live pretty separate lives, despite sort-of getting back together. The couple’s kids, too, are growing up, and they are learning to navigate the world without a reliance on their parents, who spend long hours at the office. One would think this would mean the Florrick’s would be a terrible family to spend Thanksgiving with, but we would beg to differ.

Not only do Peter and Alicia have interesting opinions, their kids are growing up to think outside the box, as well. We’d get a little bit of cattiness between Alicia and Peter’s mother, and since the latter woman is going a little bit crazy, that could be pretty fun, as well. Hopefully, Alicia’s daughter would bring her trainwreck new boyfriend, who happens to be a smoker and an intern on Fox’s Bones. Besides all this, we’d get a chance to see Eli in action, popping up every five minutes to inform Peter about how the campaign is going. There would never be a dull moment, and if you like your drama, Thanksgiving would be a good time for a healthy dose of The Good Wife cast, right alongside your gravy.

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