5. Hart of Dixie’s The Breelands
Two weeks ago, I likely wouldn’t have considered the Alabama royalty a suitable Thanksgiving option. Brick can barely pick out his own clothing let along contribute to the domestic holiday load, and Magnolia is too self-centered, lazy and incompetent to help, which would leave poor Lemon to handle everything. Now that she’s started a catering business with Annabeth, however, the Breeland household would make an enjoyable, well-rounded Thanksgiving option.

Nothing is ever simple in Bluebell, Alabama. The holiday festivities might be planned for just a handful of people, but by the big day, Zoe, Wade, Lavon, Crickett, George and maybe even Dash would wind up breaking bread at the Breeland’s, bringing with them a swarm of activities to do and people to talk with. Plus, there are few things more delicious than a Southern Thanksgiving. Up North, people might be concerned about calories and organic alternatives, but in Alabama, those preparing the meals are more focused on making everything as delicious as possible, regardless of how many sticks of butter and pounds of cheese such a noble goal requires.

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