The Good Wife is having its best season ever.
Thanksgiving is a time for good will and good cheer, unless you are part of the cast of The Good Wife, in which case this time of year is a great time for backstabbing, poor form behavior, and stealing clients. It sounds more catty than your average hour of Project Runway, but The Good Wife’s fifth season has instead been a fascinating look at what happens when key members of a firm split off to try to follow a new path with a brand new firm.

The Good Wife was cultivated around an extremely dynamic premise—what happens when the wife of a prominent politician finds out her husband is a cheat and a philanderer?—and since then we’ve seen plenty of drama. Inter-office relationships, political campaigns and wild and wacky court cases have all made their appearances, but nothing has been as chilling or as compelling as the early 2013 episodes which have seen the fragments of Alicia and Will’s relationship ripped asunder. We’ve felt disappointment when Alicia’s husband, Peter, dropped Christine from the Supreme Court race after Alicia’s forced removal from the firm. There are a lot of deep-seated feelings that have been bursting forth in recent weeks, and the drama shows no signs of slowing down into 2014.

Jessica’s also thankful that…

  • The Millers is no longer the only example of Greg Garcia’s comedic sensibility on the air because Raising Hope is back.

  • NBC’s going to air The Sound of Music Live! next week.

  • We can finally move on and see Patrick Jane’s life after Red John on The Mentalist.

  • Justified’s latest season is out on Blu-ray soon, meaning Boyd and Raylan’s antagonistic relationship is about to come to a head.

  • Elementary was smart enough to cast Rhys Ifans as Mycroft Holmes and bring him in for several eps this year.

  • Bones has stopped sucking.

  • The Originals is the best example of a spinoff that works in recent memory.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine is getting the post-Super Bowl slot.

  • Parenthood’s not been all about Sarah’s relationships this season.

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