Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris has been the star of jokes and memes for the last decade, but he hasn’t been anywhere near the small screen. Which is a shame, because Chuck Norris wouldn’t be such a high profile name in pop culture without the small screen to back him and show the world his ability to kick-ass. The man may be 72 now, but let’s face it, he doesn’t look a day over 60, and he could definitely still headline a major television series, as long as it involved deadpanning one-liners and showing off unneeded martial arts moves.

Norris was the star of the beloved nineties series, Walker, Texas Ranger, which aired for eight seasons on CBS, ending its infamous run just a year after the turn of the century, in 2001. In the years since, the man has popped up in small roles in the movie realm, including an appearance in last year’s The Expendables. However, if he really wants to break back into the world of acting and do what he does best, we're sure a TV drama with an action bent would take him, but as we all know, Chuck doesn’t stumble into opportunities, he roundhouse kicks them into existence.

Gillian Anderson
The X-Files was one of the defining shows of the 90s, and its two stars are ingrained in the American consciousness as Mulder and Scully. But while David Duchovny has gone on to further television success with Californication, we’ve yet to see Gillian Anderson make a television comeback.

Gillian Anderson was masterful as the quietly brilliant, skeptical and yet ready to believe FBI agent who let Mulder be the off-the-wall, brave and yet vulnerable person he needed to be. Although Gillian has continued a steady albeit quiet career, she’s yet to take on another major American television role. Last year she starred in the BBC crime drama series The Fall, which had a five-episode straight to series order, but so far there’s been no second season announced and the series hasn’t made it to American audiences.

We would love to see Gillian return in a regular role on television, perhaps doing something that takes her outside of her well-known FBI agent character. Drama is easily her strong suit, and Dana Scully was both an FBI agent and a medical doctor, which makes her an obvious choice for either a procedural or a medical drama. But Gillian Anderson has done some great work in other areas as well, including the BBC’s Great Expectations mini-series - so a role in one of the period dramas that are growing in popularity would be one we’d love to see her take on. Either way, we would be happy to welcome Gillian Anderson back into our living rooms.

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