Seth Green
Seth Green played the role of the wolfish Oz for 40 episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the 90s, after which he went on to develop his career as a a voice actor, screenwriter and TV producer, with Adult Swim's Robot Chicken among his more notable and beloved creations. Amidst all that, he's done some acting, with a role in The Italian Job and voice-work in Family Guy among his credits. We even saw him reunite with Alyson Hannigan for a guest spot in How I Met Your Mother. Perhaps it was that recent appearance that had us craving more face-time for Green on television.

If not by taking a series regular role in a current show as he did when he joined Buffy, we'd love to see him starring in his own series. His sense of humor has been demonstrated time and again in film and television over the years, but we also know he knows how to handle drama. In fact, given the choice, we might prefer to see the Oz-like mildly funny side mixed with a more dramatic role for Green in a future series. But we'll take whatever we can get. And in the meantime, we have his voice and his humor to appreciate with Family Guy, Robot Chicken and his other projects.

Lacey Chabert
Like Seth Green, Lacey Chabert is another 90s star who does a lot of unseen but heard work in television, with voice-roles in Young Justice, Generator Rex and some early episodes of Family Guy (original Meg!). Unfortunately, we see less of the star on screen as we'd like. Her breakout role was that of Claudia Salinger on Party of Five. And she went on to show us her funny side in Not Another Teen Movie and steal scenes as Gretchen Wieners in Mean Girls. With her distinctly sweet and girlish voice, it's no surprise that she would get plenty of voice work, but why haven't we seen her starring in her own TV series?

Chabert is beautiful and funny, which should make her a prime candidate to star in her own sitcom. Perhaps something in the tone of New Girl, except instead of quirky and doe-eyed, Chabert's "Jess" would have a mean-girl streak in her with big hair full of secrets and a toaster-strudel-inventing father. Ok, we're essentially suggesting a Gretchen Wieners sitcom here - complete with Tina Fey behind the production and other smart writers who know how to write a great female character - but even if it's not directly tied to Chabert's Mean Girls' character, a show about a funny woman with an edge and an attitude would suit Chabert nicely.

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