Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Unlike plenty of childhood stars who were able to reinvent themselves just around the time of adulthood, Jonathan Taylor Thomas never made the big transition from childhood actor to adult heartthrob. The big downfall occurred when young JTT quit his big series, Home Improvement to focus on schoolwork. By chance or design, Thomas has never had another big television role.

Though the 31-year-old did act after Home Improvement, he hasn’t popped up in eight years or so. When you did see him on the small screen it was probably in that one episode of Smallville where he simultaneously dated the show’s two leading ladies, or an early episode of Veronica Mars, where he played an undercover law enforcer. Despite falling off the acting ledge, with the right project, he could be on top of the TV game, once more. All he would need is a witty writer willing to harken back to the nineties and bring up points of nostalgia along with a little snark. That may seem pretty specific, but, hey, we all know it’s working for Tim Allen in Last Man Standing. Seriously, Kevin Abbott, are you thinking about casting a new lead? One who has charm, a nice smile, and plenty of experience practicing little lion growls? We know just the man...

Will Smith
Of course, Will Smith is still active in the film industry, as well as in his kids' budding careers, but is a stretch to hope that the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star might make a TV comeback at some point in the near future? In addition to his rapping career, Smith's early claim to fame was playing the easy going and perpetually cool character Will, who moves from West Philadelphia (born and raised!) to live with his rich relatives in California. He's since gone on to be an action star, dabbling a bit in drama. Coming soon, we'll see him and his son Jaden starring side-by-side in the M. Knight Shyamalan-directed sci-fii thriller After Earth.

Smith also has a bunch of sequels rumored to be in the works, so his availability for a TV commitment might not be a realistic option in the near future, but the timing does feel right for the star's return to the small screen. The obvious suggestion might be a Fresh Prince sequel, similar to what's happening with Boy Meets World, with Will playing the Dad (maybe a move back to Philadelphia with his Bel-Air raised kids?). But we could also see him starring in a Revolution-style adventure-drama or something with a bigger story, fitting to Smith's bigger name and the films we've seen him do in recent years. Either way, a return to the small screen to follow up Smith's successful movie career over the last two decades or so would be very exciting.

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