Season 7 - Janelle evicts Will.
Two Showmances and one rock-solid alliance made it to the end of All Stars, suggesting that some of those supposed All Stars didn't bring their A-games. Honestly, who lets Chill Town get to the end? Almost everyone, but not Janelle. Her big move was probably a week or two too late to save her own game, as she ended up walking out the door during the next eviction, but after convening with Erica and realizing they were both being played by these two guys, Janelle sent Dr. Will packing, devastating his Chill Town counterpart, Mike Boogie. Will took it like a champ. Boogie, not so much. A Janelle and Will final two would've been a beautiful thing, but as a fan of good game-play, I don't regret this move.

Season 6 - Kaysar comes back!
Whattup Kaysar! Never mind that he was voted out the following week. Getting to see Kaysar brought back into the house was one of the happiest moments of a season that had one of the most divided sets of houseguests of the series. The "Friendship" alliance desperately wanted Eric back. The rest of the house wanted Kaysar back. And America was Team Kaysar all the way. I think he got something like 80% of the vote to go back into the house. Of course, he wasn't caught up on just how divided the house was by that point. A lot can happen in a week, right? Jennifer promised him she wouldn't evict him, and then she did, which divided the house even further, bringing us to this next moment.

Season 6 - Bye-bye bitches.
Was "Bye-bye bitches" good sportsmanship? No. Not at all. But it sure was fun to watch, especially after the house sent viewers' choice Kaysar out a week after he returned to the house. Janelle scored her first Head of Household later that episode, sending Howie into a rage of triumph - that's the only way I can describe Howie's outburst. And then Janelle got to make her nominations right there on the spot. She put up Jennifer and Maggie, and the episode ended with her classic "Bye-bye bitches" line. In the end, Janelle ended up using the Veto to take Maggie off the block. She nominated Yvette, ensuring Jennifer's eviction. Maggie went on to eventually win the season, so in retrospect, revenge might not have been the best game play, but it sure was sweet.

Season 5 - Nakomis executes the six finger plan.
Once upon a time, everyone played for Veto. I'm pretty sure Big Brother 5 did away with that, limiting the Veto players to the nominated houseguest, the HoH and three people of their choosing. Nakomis was the first to figure out how to use that to their advantage to backdoor a player. We've seen people misuse that term, by referring to any player that's nominated at the Veto ceremony and evicted that week, but a true "backdoor" is when the post-Veto nominee was not able to play in the Veto competition. Jase's eviction was orchestrated and executed perfectly, and it's a move that's been used since to get out those pesky, hard-to-evict players.

Season 2 - Will's finale speech
There are plenty of great Will moments. In fact, Season 2 and 7 were filled with scenes featuring Will sweet-talking people into keeping him around, or encouraging them to vote him out (and not really meaning it). But I thought we'd go back to the end of Season 2 and celebrate Will's final plea, which suggested that any of the houseguests who had a problem with him really have a problem with reality and therefore have a problem with themselves. It's that kind of snarky charm that made people love him or love to hate him, and it won him the season. Of course, Season 2's jury wasn't sequestered, and many of those evicted houseguests had a better understanding of what made him such a great player. All the same, I like to think he would have won, even if the jury wasn't so aware of how beloved Will was to viewers. Either way, Will's speech is a classic moment and one example of a player who would become a legend in the history of the U.S. version of the series.

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