Anyone else excited for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles to return? SCC was one of my favorite new series from last season. Not only do I love the whole Terminator story and appreciate how Josh Friedman has adapted it for a series, but to be honest, I also think the cast is extremely yummy. I don’t care if Brian Austin Green was once the dorky David Silver in 90210, the boy grew up well. Summer Glau is like an angel and Lena Headey manages to tread the fine line between strong and feminine beautifully.

Drooling over the characters isn’t the only reason I’m looking forward to Season 2. I am actually interested to see where the story goes and what happens to the characters. We have a bunch of videos from the cast to share with you, as well as a nice little collection of promotional pictures.

Terminator: SCC Photo Shoot:

Lena Headey talks about her character, Sarah. I love her accent.

Thomas Dekker talks about John’s future:

Summer Glau talks about preparing for her role as Cameron (and why she loves the role):

Brian Austin Green chats about his role as Derek Reese:

We’ve got more videos from other cast members, including Shirley Manson and also a video from the series creator, Josh Friedman. CLICK HERE to see those. Also be sure to check out the promotional images in the gallery below.

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