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The CW is set to bring Moonlight back to the small screen. No, the network’s not reviving the series, but they are set to air reruns of the beloved vampire drama during the summer following The Vampire Diaries’s first season finale.

E! Online’s Kristin Dos Santos posted the news, stating that Moonlight reruns will begin airing on Thursday nights on the CW starting June 3rd.

Why has the CW taken an interest in Moonlight? Could it be that they’re hoping to keep the vampire love alive over the summer while TVD is on hiatus? Maybe a little, though diehard vamp fanatics can get their fix from HBO’s True Blood when that returns. No, it seems the reason the CW will be airing Moonlight (according to Dos Santos’ source, anyway) is to give an extra boost of attention to Alex O’Loughlin, who starred in Moonlight and will be starring in the CBS reboot of Hawaii Five-O this fall. So, for those of you looking to see what the big deal is with the shortlived Moonlight will have a chance to check it out on the CW starting next month.

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