Last night’s premiere of The Flash performed extremely well, earning many positive reviews, and drew in 4.5 million total viewers, The CW’s highest debut since The Vampires Diaries in 2009. The CW took it a step further and included this trailer that gives us a taste of what’s coming up this season.

It’s only one minute, but there’s a lot to take in from those quickly-cut scenes. Let’s start with Barry (Grant Gustin). First off, it looks like it will take a couple episodes for him to earn the name Flash, as Iris refers this red blur as a “crimson angel” and Cisco calls him “The Streak.” That’s fine for the first couple of episodes, but it’s not necessary to drag the codename out across multiple seasons like Arrow is doing. Luckily, the sixth episode of Season 1 is called “The Flash Is Born,” so we may not have long to wait. It also showed Barry struggling with his powers, which is what a good origin story should do. The comic book stories of old may have shown superheroes getting a quick handle on their powers, but these days, there needs to be a learning curve.

We also saw some of the villains that will terrorize Central City, including Multiplex, who can make copies of himself; The Mist, who can turn his body into a gaseous form; and Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller), who will take on The Strea...sorry, The Flash, armed only with his cold gun. After seeing the images of Cold that executive producer Geoff Johns posted yesterday hours before the premiere, it was good to see a little Cold action, as well as a demonstration of Leonard Snart’s intelligence.

the flash

He deduces that this “blur” is a man, meaning that it’s not public knowledge yet that it’s a human that’s been saving the citizens of Central City. Others would eventually figure it out, given how many people are suddenly exhibiting powers, but with this knowledge, Cold is ready to take on The Flash. And while he may not have any abilities (yet), he won’t be easy to defeat.

Finally, we got a sneak peek of an Arrow character popping by for a visit. The last time Barry spoke to Felicity, he indirectly told her that he would be ready for her in case she decided that Oliver wasn’t the guy for her. Considering how important Felicity is to Arrow, as well as Barry’s relationship with Iris, a long-term romance likely isn’t in the cards for these two, but it’s good to see the writers acknowledging their history. And remember, this won’t be the last time we see Flash characters team-up with Arrow characters; another crossover is happening between both shows later this year.

The trailer only shows scenes from the first couple of episodes, but if they’re any indication, viewers will be in for a wild ride this season of The Flash.

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