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Fans of The Flash know that basically everything is changing up for Season 2, with the introduction of alternate timelines and multiple Earths and an abundance of new characters replacing those (presumably) no longer with us. And this new promo really “blue” us away, making us wonder what other new changes we might be seeing next season. Check it out!

The Flash Season 2 coming to FOX8

#TheFlash Season 2 is coming to FOX8 - Express from the US! Who's excited?

Posted by FOX8 on Thursday, August 27, 2015

The video comes from the Australian affiliate Fox8, and it shows a different shade of The Flash than we’re used to. Throughout Season 1, trails of yellow lightning followed Barry around all over the place, while red lightning went wherever Reverse-Flash ran. But here we have a Barry who is fully embracing his blue side, which brings up all kinds of questions that mostly fall under the umbrella inquiry of “What does this mean?”

We know that Professor Zoom is going to be the big villain of Season 2, though not much else is known beyond that basic set-up. This could possibly be a nod to that in some way, but it seems like it’s referencing the Blue Flash character from the New 52 universe in the comic books, which makes things ever more complicated. That character was a Barry Allen from 20 years in the future whose frustration with his life caused him to travel to the past and cause different rifts in his timeline, eventually deciding to sacrifice the younger version of himself. An end game of Barry vs. Barry is incredibly intriguing, and totally fits in with this show’s approach to storytelling even, but that feels like a plotline for a later season of the show. Maybe they’re planting the seeds early. In a promo?

I guess we only technically see the blue lightning reflected in Barry’s eyes, meaning it might be another blue-tinted speedster racing around the globe like that. We know there are a ton of other fast-paced heroes coming to Season 2, such as Jesse Quick, Wally West and Jay Garrick; and although none of those are known for their blue streaks, the TV show could easily mold a storyline to fits the creative team’s wishes.

Of course, it could just be a neat color trick to make things look different, but knowing how important colors are to this universe, I seriously doubt that’s the case. And if we’re really reaching, maybe it’s actually Pollux from the 1990 version of The Flash, which was a clone version of the Scarlet Speedster played by lead actor John Wesley Shipp, who also stars in the current version. That would seriously blow my mind.

The Flash Season 2, which will kick off six months after the events of the Season 1 finale, will premiere on The CW on Tuesday, October 6.

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