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With fall approaching, plenty of Office fans are likely to be looking back at how the last season ended and wondering how things are going to pick up for the characters, particularly Jim and Pam. (Spoilers ahead!)

E! Online’s Kristin Dos Santos had the opportunity to visit the Office set and got the goods on what’s to come for Jim and Pam. When the last season ended, we watched as Pam and Jim learned that they were going to have a baby. So what does that mean for their impending wedding?

"Pam’s going to walking down the aisle very soon because she is pregnant, but trying to hide that from certain members of her family," Jenna Fischer (Pam) told E!. "They’re getting married very quickly—in the fourth episode."

Fischer went on to say that she was just fitted for a wedding dress that she hopes will be approved for the show. Now this is just speculation here but if Jim and Pam are trying to keep the pregnancy a secret from Pam’s family, is it a stretch to guess that at some point before the wedding, word will get out to the office and their challenge of keeping the news quiet will get decidedly trickier (given how bad people at Dunder Mifflin are at keeping secrets)?

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