The Office can’t be stopped! Not that anyone would want to, of course. Hot on the heels of the sitcom’s first-ever convention, which was held this past weekend in Scranton, there’s more exciting news for our favorite Dunder-Miffliners; The Office is getting a spin-off.

Before you start freaking out about Pam leaving Jim high and dry to go to art school, or a broken-hearted Dwight buying a beet farm in Tuscany, you can rest assured that no current characters are making the move. According to TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello, there will be several new characters introduced on Office Classic, as I will now call it, who will then be spun off into the new series. Unlike Grey’s Anatomy, which spun off a major character into another quirky medical drama, there’s a chance that not only will The Office’s spin-off not take place at another Dunder-Mifflin branch, but it may not be in an office at all.

As of now, The Office’s spin-off is little more than an announcement, so details are minimal. Casting has yet to happen and producers are looking for a “name” to helm the new series. With the writer’s strike happening as early as Thursday, it is unclear when we’ll even see the show. Hopefully, for the sake of good television, it will find a place on the fall schedule and not be replaced by say, The Amazing Littlest Dancing Makeover, or whatever.

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