I’ve been keeping up with this season of The Real World and I have to say, while Brooklyn lacks some of the standard drama and crazy party antics that we’ve come to expect from the show, the people on this season are a lot more real and for that, I commend MTV. They’re kept it real this season. Tame, but real. This week The Real World: Brooklyn will draw to a close. We have a couple video clips from the season finale.

If I had to give out awards to this season’s cast, Katelyn and Ryan would tie for “Best Story.” Katelyn’s a transgender and the show focused a fair amount of time on her story and her roommates coming to understand this aspect of her life. Ryan is an Iraq vet who found out he was being put back on Active Duty while in the house. The “Barely-There” award goes to Baya, who I almost never recognized as an actual cast member during the few occasions she appeared on screen. The “Fame-Whore” award goes to Chet for being the one most likely to try to use RW as a launch-pad for his career as a host or VJ. And the “Drama Award” goes to JD for smashing a table and destroying a phone in a fit of rage.

In the video below, the girls decide to serve the guys some of their own medicine by messing with their food:

And below is a Group Hug clip:

The Real World: Brooklyn season finale airs Wednesday, April 1, at 10:00 PM ET/PT.

The Real World: Brooklyn Reunion Special airs at 11:00 PM/ET following the finale.

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