Either they’re running out of new cities to host The Real World or they’re running out of ideas for the stage on which the next set of young adults will play out their drama because the next new season of RW is headed back to New Orleans.

In all fairness to MTV, it’s been like fifteen seasons since the show took place in New Orleans. The cast of Season 9 set up shop in New Orleans and the season that’s set to premiere at the end of this month is the series’ twenty-fourth, so I suppose it’s time for a return. Considering all that’s happened in the city since the last time the Real World was there, it seems likely that at least part of the new season will focus on the state of the area since Hurricane Katrina.

Below are a few promos for Season 24 of The Real World, which premieres on MTV on June 30th.

More information, including cast bios can be found at MTV.com.

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