If you’ve been following Jillian’s search for Mr. Right on this season’s The Bachelor, we’ve got a couple of clips and a description for Monday night’s episode of The Bachelorette. This week, Jillian heads home to Vancouver with the 13 remaining guys where she’ll show them how they do things up north.

Below is ABC’s episode description:

“Jillian goes home to Vancouver and the 13 remaining bachelors excitedly follow her, all anxious that they fit in with her lifestyle. In a true Canadian adventure, Jillian invites a group of the men on a competitive curling date, but only the winning team gets to join her for a romantic sunset cruise around the city of Vancouver. Kiptyn is the lucky man to receive an intimate one-on-one date and a home-cooked meal back at Jillian's place. But the dreaded two-on-one date involves two very different bachelors vying for the one rose and ends on a snow-covered mountain with one man being sent home heartbroken. However, when one of the bachelors discloses to Jillian that some of the men supposedly have girlfriends back home, she demands the truth from those bachelors, throwing the rose ceremony into turmoil, on "The Bachelorette," MONDAY, JUNE 8 (8:00-10:02 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.”

You never know what to expect to see during the dates on this show. In the videos below, one guy’s date gets interrupted and things get steamy in the kitchen during another date.

The Bachelorette airs Monday nights at 8:00 p.m. ET on the ABC.

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