Jeremy Renner Is Narrating
We think of Jeremy Renner as a fine actor and an action hero, thanks to his appearance in the Jason Bourne franchise film The Bourne Legacy. However, he might very well have a career in voice work, thanks to The World Wars. The three-part miniseries is Renner’s first stab at narrating a documentary, but it’s a pretty high-profile documentary, also populated by the likes of Dick Cheney, John McCain and more. We’re not saying he’s going to be able to compete with Morgan Freeman, but you could be seeing a new prominent narrator in the making tonight.

Not only will Renner get the chance to prove he can cobble together a second career from The World Wars, but President Barack Obama is also stepping in to take a gander at TV work for The History Channel documentary. He’s already recorded an introduction for tonight’s miniseries, and if you tune in at 9 p.m. on the dot, you should catch the politician offering some insightful thoughts on the men who came before him. There’s something a little poetic about that.

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