We finally have confirmation on how we’re going to consume the end of Battlestar Galactica. In early January Ron Moore discussed how the finale would be three episodes in length, but Sci Fi hadn’t decided how to run the schedule. I mean, do they do all three in one night and cut off everything else? Perhaps, the network is expecting the BSG finale to be the highest rated thing they’ve ever done.

The guys over at SyFy Portal got word from Sci Fi that the BSG finale will air over two weeks. Part one will air on March 13, with the finale two showing up on March 20. And for those who want to watch the entire three hour finale part one will air before the others on March 20. Making for a long night of BSG joyness for us all.

The mini-series that kicked off the show was also a three hour event, so it’s nice that Sci Fi has given Ron Moore and company the free reign to use whatever air time they need to tell the end of the story. We’ve known for awhile that this was the plan, now we know how we’ll watch it. The final question of what the frak will happen remains though.

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