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Here in 2016, we’re at a point where some of the years of the 1990s can be affectionately referred to as “the good ol’ days.” And three different actresses whose fame blossomed during that period are coming together for a brand new reality show, as Full House’s Jodie Sweetin, 7th Heaven’s Beverly Mitchell and Step By Step’s Christine Lakin have been tapped for Hollywood Darlings, which has been ordered to series by Pop.

Hollywood Darlings, which will run for eight episodes in its initial season, will be an unscripted look at the lifelong friendship between Jodie Sweetin, Beverley Mitchell and Christine Lakin, who all grew up together in the world of TV studios and living room sets. They’ve all gone from young spotlight-sharing actresses to successful adults, and their lives as moms, wives and businesswomen will be highlighted. As well, their wide circle of friends will pop in and out, and you can be sure that there will be some familiar faces in that bunch. I’m betting we don’t go more than one episode before Candace Cameron-Bure, Staci Keanan and Mackenzie Rosman make their respective appearances. TV sisters are real family, yo.

This extended look at pop culture sisterhood was created in part by Jimmy Fox, who came up with the concept. The press release calls Hollywood Darlings a docu-comedy series, although it’s also referred to as “unscripted,” so I think the network is just projecting with that comedy descriptor. Fox has been a producer on such reality shows as Mob Wives, Fashion Star and Make Me a Millionaire Inventor, but it’s kind of hard to extrapolate anything from his resume.

Jodie Sweetin, seen above, is coming into a major career resurgence. She recently reprised her star-making role of Stephanie Tanner for Netflix’s revival series Fuller House, which has already been renewed for Season 2 by Netflix, despite mountains of scathing reviews. She’s also set to appear in the next season of Dancing with the Stars, as well as the thriller pilot Strange Ones.


Beverley Mitchell, meanwhile, hasn’t been quite so busy since 7th Heaven ended its 11-season run in 2007. Beyond a few roles in movies you probably haven’t heard of, she was a recurring character in the ABC Family drama The Secret Life of the American Teenager, which wrapped ended its five-season run in 2013.


Compared to her two Hollywood Darlings costars, Christine Lakin has been positively prolific in her acting career since Step by Step called it quits in 1998, and that includes an appearance on 7th Heaven. She has been in dozens of TV shows and movies over the years, and has most recently been seen in live-action on episodes of Modern Family and Melissa and Joey. Her voice, meanwhile, can be heard in the Cartoon Network series Clarence and as Joyce Kinney on Family Guy.

Since changing from TV Guide Channel to Pop in 2015, the network has been slowly building up its original programming slate, which includes Rock This Boat: New Kids on the Block, Sing It On, and the lone scripted series Schitt’s Creek, which stars Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara. Will Hollywood Darlings make a good fit when it premieres at some point later this year? We’ll be watching, perhaps with a little bit of guilt involved.
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