Whatever you think of Justin Timberlake as a musician, there’s no denying that the guy kills on SNL. I don’t know what it is, but so far he’s batting 2/2 with Saturday Night Live performances. Maybe it’s just his willingness to completely make fun of himself. He has no problem with getting on there and using his natural talents to poke fun at himself and everyone else. It works, sometimes brilliantly.

They weren’t all winners this past weekend when he was there for SNL’s Christmas episode, but Timberlake killed in two sketches. The first was a sketch called “Homelessville” in which Justin played a dancing cup of soup. Alright, it’s not genius stuff, but Justin makes it funny. The second one, and by far the funniest, is drawing controversy.

It’s one of those genius SNL Digital Shorts, another product of the demented mind of Andy Sandberg, the guy who brought you the Chronic-les of Narnia and Natalie Portman’s gangsta rap video. This past Saturday, the SNL Digital Short was a Justin Timberlake/Andy Sandberg music video called “Dick in a Box”. Uptight critics are already screaming; calling it offensive and extreme. It's a gross overreaction, probably prompted by Timberlake’s involvement in the baring of Janet’s breast a few years ago. I say, it’s just funny. Guys, it’s also a great gift idea. You’ll have to see it to believe it.

I’ve posted both “Homelessville” and “Dick in a Box” below. Watch, and bust a gut. Every once in awhile SNL does something right.



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