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There has been widespread speculation on the internet that Sarah Palin, running mate of John McCain, and Tina Fey, former SNL star/writer and star of 30 Rock, were separated at birth. Aside from the age difference, I’d say they look so freaking similar that it is a strong possibility. So, it’s only natural that Lorne Michaels would tap Fey to play the Republican VP candidate.

Technically, it’s still a “maybe,” but you know it’s going to happen. The AP broke the story with this caveat, “Fey is "likely" to return to her former show Saturday to play the Alaskan governor and Sen. John McCain's running mate, a person close to the show told The Associated Press on Friday night. The person requested anonymity because the decision has not been announced officially. No further details were available.”

Tina Fey should rock this. I am a firm believer in fun - and this Saturday’s premiere of SNL should be just that. Tina Fey back in the studio as the gun-toting, moose-killing Palin is going to be so freaking hilarious. No matter what side you stand on, it’s okay to laugh at things that are funny, and you might as well put on a pair of Depends for this, ‘cause you’re probably going to pee your pants. Michael Phelps is set to host, and word is Obama is going to make an appearance too.