Tom Green fans will be happy to learn their favorite udder-sucking comedian will once again be hosting his own talk show. It seems as though the former MTV host has come full circle. He started out on public access TV before he got the MTV gig (which ended three years ago) and now his new show will be broadcasted via this century's public access equivalent, the internet. Denver-based website, will host the show as well as Green’s own website.

Green seems pleased with the situation, saying, “It seemed like the ultimate playground for someone like me. I’ve always enjoyed doing goofy experimental stuff that sometimes was too weird to put on a TV show but was fun artistically.” The internet will surely allow Green to go much further above and beyond the bounds of good taste than he was able to at MTV (even MTV has their standards).

The show will broadcast right from Green’s living room and viewers will be able to call in as part of the show. will broadcast the first episode on June 15th and the show will be weekly. It’s been reported that Green has signed on for 50 one-hour episodes.

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