The League
FX consistently produces some of the funniest, most current and relatable comedies on television (give or take Wilfred which still hits two out of those three adjectives). Key to the lineup is The League, a mostly bro-oriented comedy about a fantasy football league in Chicago. Since the group is made up of several thirty-something men and one female who have already made their professional marks on the world, the series is free to gleefully poke fun at family units, all while getting into wild shenanigans and fast talking football players. In Season 4, the series has embarked on a journey with new baby Chalupa Batman, using a breast pump as a different sort of device, and lending kids to a deranged friend.

The League has continually refined its characters and plotlines, and in Season 4, the show has finally found a comfortable rhythm to fall into each week, while still offering the ability to present unexpected moments. Like any good ensemble, it has a great sense of the strengths and weaknesses of all of the characters involved, and then the show structures its plotlines around those assets and shortcomings in order to maximize poignancy and comedic effect. Consequently, Season 4 has given Kevin a steady diet of storylines playing to his goofy physical comedy, Ruxin a plot line undermining his own intelligence and self-esteem and Taco a newfound source of wealth. None of it would work if altered in a different direction, but as it stands, it’s close to perfect.

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