Community fans have gone without the anticipated fourth season this fall, but 2012 did offer the second half of Season 3 in the form of twelve excellent episodes, some of which stand out among the most entertaining half-hours of television 2012 has offered us this year. Among the gems for Season 3.5 of Community are "Pillows and Blankets Part 2," a follow up to the blanket fort episode, which is shot in the style of a Ken Burns documentary, to emphasize just how legit-serious this war between pillow and blanket fort builders was on the Greendale campus. And then there's "Digital Estate Planning," which put the study group into an 8-bit video game.

But what made the second half of Season 3 so great, beyond the homages, was the emphasis on the dynamic of the group and the friendships within as they exercise their own personal issues and behavioral quirks while get overly involved in each others' drama. Whether it's meddling in Britta's love life in "Origins of Vampire Mythology," or trying to help Abed come to grips with his addiction to celebrity impersonators and film reenactments in "Contemporary Impressions," these friends have no shortage of time or initiative to get involved in each others' lives. Of course, meddling tends to backfire and expose their own issues, which is part of the humor of the show. Behind all of that is the characters' genuine affection for one another despite their differences. And that's really where Community shines. We may have gone without Community this fall, but the series was delivering top notch episodes earlier this year, bringing some of the best laughs on television in 2012.

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