Louis C.K. had a banner year in 2012, and his Emmy win for Louie was well-deserved. Louie has been one of the best comedies on television since it premiered, but in 2012 this show stepped it up again. It was a year marked by fabulous guest stars and Louie’s further commitment to blowing traditional sitcom formats out of the water and proving Louis C.K. can do it his way and come out on top.

Louie has a way of juxtaposing the absurd over the truth; the show takes on real issues but never loses sight of its status as a comedy. Brilliant writing and Louis C.K.’s trademark dry wit and self-deprecation have created a series unlike any other on television and marked Louie as one of 2012’s best. Gifted guest stars like Parker Posey and Amy Poehler served to elevate C.K.’s gift for great comedy to a whole new level this year.

Louie’s third season finale topped off a stellar season with an episode the summed up everything that is incredible about this series. There are things that Louie can pull off that no other sitcom can manage, taking on dramatic elements without ever becoming “a very special episode of…” and even managing a dream sequence without missing a beat, something other shows haven’t always pulled off well. Louie is a show that somehow never feels like a show, but rather a real glimpse into a very odd and very funny man.

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